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1st Day of School

No description

Scott Schick

on 11 August 2017

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Transcript of 1st Day of School

Room D204
Social Studies

What we Know
Welcome to "our" room
What we Wonder
What Happens Next?
What Will I Learn?
What is expected of me?
What we will Learn
Prepare to Grow!
Mr. Schick
Arrival Procedure

1.Walk in quietly
2.Place homework in the homework bin.
3.Go to your seat.
4.Complete the DO NOW listed on the board for your class.
5. Follow direction!

Tardy Procedure

1.If you are tardy you are still responsible for all of the work due for the day. This means you may have to give up your free time to complete this.
2.Repeated tardiness will result in discipline as outlined in the student handbook.

Absence Procedure
1.Come to me to see what you need to do to catch up. Please do not interupt a class to do this.
2.Complete the work and return it to the homework bin near the Smart Board.

Homework Procedure
1.Homework is due the next day of class.
2.If you are absent, homework is due the next day after you return from absence. Extended absences may allow for exceptions on rare occasions.

Visitor in the Room
1.When there is a visitor all classroom etiquette and rules still apply as normal.
2.Focus your attention to them if they are speaking. If they are not there as a speaker you are to act as though they are not there.

Getting the Teachers Attention
1.Please raise your hand if you need to ask a question, go to the restroom, or have something to add to the discussion.
3.If it is an absolute restroom EMERGENCY quietly get up and leave. Do not wait on me to release you to do this.
a.Getting sick
b.Restroom emergency
c.Afraid for your safety.
*If you have health issues we will discuss these in private and make suitable arrangements.

Restroom Procedure
1.I am not the rest room gestapo. If you need to go I will allow it.
Every visit will cost your class a mark. There is a pizza party to the class with the fewest visits.

Exiting the Classroom

1. Stand up from your desk and push your chair in.
2. If there is trash or "other" things please place them where they belong.

Dismissal Procedure
1.See Lining Up Procedure.
2.The bell does not dismiss the class. Mr. Schick dismisses the class when they are ready and following direction.
3.All materials (EVERYTHING THAT IS LOOSE) on the floor must be picked up and put away or thrown away.
4.I will tell everyone, “Have a great day!” I had a great day today because I chose to. I hope you chose to do the same!
Classroom Rules/ Discipline Plan:
•Treat Others the Way YOU Want to be Treated all the Time.
•Always do Your Best.
•Follow ALL Procedures and Direction the FIRST Time Given.
Don’t let what you can’t do,stop you from doing what you can do.-John Wooden
Schedule for the Day:
•1st 8:05-9:01
•2nd 9:05-9:55 2nd Period
•3rd 9:59-10:49 3rd Period
•A Lunch 10:53-11:23 / B Lunch 12:01-12:31
•4th 10:53-11:43 11:47-12:17
•5th 12:21-1:11
•6th 1:15-2:05
•7th 2:09-3:05

All About ME

* Husband
* Father
* Teacher

A3k Mondays
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