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Richmond Tangalan

No description

John Miller

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Richmond Tangalan

California Shrubland Food Web
Chamise is a plant that has red flowers.
It is poison.
The Sun
The Sun is so hot it burns alot of meters.
Male Deer
California Buckwheat
Mountain Lion
Mission Manzanita
Brush Rabbit
Red Diamind Rattle Snake
Western scrub Jay
Great Road Runner
Gogher Snake
Coast Scrub Oak
Big Eared Wood Rat
Spittle Bug
California Sagebrush
Great Horned Owl
Western Fence Lizard
Red-tailed hawk
Earth Worm
The SageBrush is a native plant.
A Gogher Snake is a bage color or brown.
The Mountain Lion is known cougar,puma, and panther.
A Road Runner can run 20 miles per hour.
Spittle Bugs Eat leaves.
The feet is 16 feet long.
It has lots of berries.
It is like roses.
They live in San Francisco Bay Area.
They live in the U.S.A Southern California.
They are common west of the Rocky Island.
Mule Deer is a comsumer.
It is a small animal.
The length is 43-64 cm.
Toyon is grown 2-5 m.
They are so small like a Big Eared Wood Rat.
The Coyote is a great animal.
The Bobcat is a mammal.
A dad weighs 690-1,300.
Bacterai is bad for everybody.
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