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Genius Hour

Inquiry Based Learning Project

Phil Parago

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Genius Hour

Genius Hour (Inquiry Based) Project
Reading Is Thinking
What Is Genius Hour?
Get Inspired!
Connect & Wonder
What am I PASSIONATE about?
What have I always wanted to learn about?
What do I want to become "an expert" on?
"Science Fair" format
Book, Poem, Song
Poster Board
"Live" Demonstration
This is the presentation phase of your project. You are able to present your information in a multitude of ways but think about being as creative as possible.

This is the brainstorming and planning phase of your project. Remember, this is SELF directed learning, so it's imperative to choose something that is IMPORTANT to YOU!
Once you have an idea, you will create a
as an outline for your project. Then... you
the idea... to your classmates.
This is the "research" part of your project.
You will be using the time given to you
(at least 1 class per cycle) to pursue your passion.

Your learning time is YOUR responsibility.
You must be PREPARED to work and you must
be accountable for how your time is being used.

Your research must include a variety of reading sources (websites, books, articles, etc).
You will be required to log your time and/or complete exit slips reflecting on your use of time.
Building materials?
Access to the computer lab?
Make a phone call?
Interview a professional?
Goal setting (and reflecting on those goals) has been a focus for this course. The same applies to this project. You will need to make sure that you are progressing AND on track for accomplishing and completing your goal.
Once a month, you will SHARE your
progress with a small select group.
Reflection is very important because it gives you an opportunity to look back at what you have learned not only in terms of the content but in terms of the
inquiry based learning
Why is this important?
What WILL I change WHEN I have to do this all over again?
Ohhhh boy... I have NO IDEA where to start... <sigh>

What can I study? Learn about? What kinds of topics are out there?
Example questions for inquiry:
How does a plane fly?
How does technology affect the human body?
How can people see better with glasses?
How do babies form inside their mothers?
How do you build an engine?
How does your brain connect with your movements?
What happens if a meteor hits Earth?
What and where is Alcatraz? Who built it?
What type of fish live in the bottom of the ocean?
Why are people worried about global warming?
Why does hair color turn white over time?
Genius Hour Projects from Grade 8 Students
** This will be submitted in the form
of a writing piece.
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