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Imagine Dragons

Social Sciences Project

Ryan Farmer

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Imagine Dragons

Warm- Up Questions General Information Band Members The name "Imagine Dragons" is
an anagram, and only the members
of the band know what it means. About the name Imagine Dragons Ep (2009) They have a total of 38 songs. Songs Fun Facts Assessment Questions By: Ryan Farmer Imagine Dragons 1. What genre of music do you think Imagine Dragons are?
2. How many members are in the band?
3. How many albums do they have?
4. Where are they from?
5. What song are they most known for? The Imagine Dragons are an alternative rock/
indie pop band that originate from Las Vegas, Nevada. After going through various line ups, the band formed in 2008. And released
their first EP a year later. Their career moved
very slow, but sky rocketed in 2011 after
recording and releasing their most popular song
to date, It's Time. There is 5 members in Imagine Dragons.
-Lead singer: Dan Reynolds
-Guitarist: Wayne Sermon
-Bass: Ben Mckee
-Drums: Dan Platzman
-Keyboard: Ryan Walker
*Andrew (Drums) and Britney (keyboard)
quit the band in 2011 because they got
married. This is their fourth EP which was released under I
Interscope Records. This EP set off their career and
got them noticed, the songs on this Ep set the tune
for what they wanted their album to be like.
-It's Time
-On Top Of The World
-Round and Round
-My Fault Their first EP was titled "Imagine Dragons" released
in 2009. It was self released, the songs on this
EP include:
-I Need A Minute
-Cover Up
-Curse -One of their songs "Radioactive" is currently number 6 in iTunes top 100, and it is the number 1 song in iTunes alternative genre.
-Their album ranks number 10 in iTunes top 100 albums and their deluxe album ranks in the 20's.
-They have 2 music videos, "Radioactive" and "It's Time"
-Radioactive is number 24 in iTunes top music videos.
-Their album Night Visions brought the made the highest debut for a new rock band in six years. It reached #2 on the Billboard 200 and United Kingdom Albums charts.
- Single "It's Time" holds the 2012 record for most weeks on the top 10 alternative charts with 32 consecutive weeks.
-Second single "Radioactive" reached #1 on the Billboard Alternative songs chart, Billboard Rock songs chart.
- Three singles from the album have charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and four singles have charted on the UK Top 40.
-"Radioactive" has been feautured in 3 movies, including The Host, "It's Time" was featured in the movie Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and "On Top Of The World" was featured in 2 movies, and their newest song "Ready Aim Fire" is being featured in Iron Man 3. 1. What genre of music do they play?
2. How many members are in the band?
3.Which song of theirs is number 6 on iTunes top 100?
4.Where was the band formed and what year?
5.What is the lead singer's name?
6. What was their first EP called?
7.Who plays the guitar?
8.When was their third EP released?
9.Who is the drummer?
10. Who plays the keyboard? Continued Silence (2012) This Ep was their second EP, which was also self released.
The playlist for this EP is:
-All Eyes
-I Don't Mind
-Hear Me
-Emma It's Time Ep (2011) This is their third self released EP, this was the playlist
that set off their career and got them noticed, after they released
these tracks, they signed with Interscope Records.
-The River
-Look How Far We've Come
-It's Time
-Leave Me Night Visions (2012) Dan Reynolds -Born July 14th, 1987 (25 years old)
-Married to Aja Volkman, the lead singer of a rock band called Nico Vega.
-Most known for the lead vocals of Imagine Dragons.
-He started the band with guitarist Wayne.
-He also released an EP called "Egyptian" with Aja.
-On December 1st, 2012 a group of fans submitted an application to Congress titled "Dan Reynolds" hoping for it to become a National Holiday. It still has yet to be reviewed.
-He has a reputation as a compulsive songwriter who writes hundreds of songs and regularly spends upwards of 4–6 hours a day practicing. Wayne Sermon (Guitar) -Wayne has been the lead guitarist for Imagine Dragons
ever since 2009, and the only lead guitarist the band
has ever had.
-In 2008, Wayne met Dan in Utah, wher Dan was attending
college and Wayne was living there after he graduated
from Berklee School of Music. Dan Platzman (Drummer) -He was born in Atlanta.
-He holds a bachelors degree in film scoring from
Berklee College, where Wayne went too.
-Dan joined the band in 2011 after Andrew
left the band.
-He is also a film-scorer, a composer, and a multi
-He also has a huge interest in the violin, and the
guitar, he violin skills provide a whole new tone in
all of the songs. Ben Mckee (Bass) -Ben Mckee dropped out of
Berklee College, and he only had
a few credits left to move across the
country and play bass for the band.
-Ben does not only play the bass for the
band, but he does back up vocals with
the other members, too. Night Visions is the Imagine Dragon's first album released with their label,
Interscope Records. Some of the songs on the album were from previous Eps, but re-recorded. They went on the "Night Visions Tour" over the winter all around the country, and also went on a European tour this past month, this album is number 10 on iTunes Top 100 albums. They worked with Grammy awarding winning producer, Alexa Da Kid.
-It's Time
-Hear Me
-Bleeding Out
-On Top Of The World
-Every Night
-Working Man
-Nothing Left To Say
-Rocks Ryan Walker (Keyboard) -Ryan Walker joined the band in 2012, replacing
Andrew Tolman, he joined to help the band finish
there incomplete album, and signed with the label
to stay in the band as their keyboard player this year. Hell and Silence (2010) -In January of this year, they took all of the songs that didn't make it on to the album to create a new EP called "The Archive" so their favorites could become more revealed to their fans.
-When the playlist of these re-recorded songs were released on iTunes, it reached as high as number 4 on iTunes top 100 albums. -Round and Round
-My Fault
-The River
-Selene The Archive (2013)
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