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Andrew Clark

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of MOTOCROSS


The AMA Motocross Championship begins in early May and continues until mid-September. The championship consists of twelve rounds at twelve major tracks all over the continental United States. There are three classes:[14] the 250 Motocross Class for 0–125 cc 2-stroke or 150–250 cc 4-stroke machines, the 450 Motocross Class for 150–250 cc 2-stroke or 251–450 cc 4-stroke machines and a Women's Class.
The USA series
The Bike And Gear
There are 4 main dirt bike brands the first is Yamaha, Ktm, Honda, Kawasaki. The main gear brands are Fox, Thor, Troy Lee,Answer,MSR,Fly,O'Neil. The main things needed are a dirt bike helmet,pants,jersey,boots,gloves,chest protector.
The Start Of Motocross
Motocross first evolved in the United Kingdom from motorcycle trials competitions, such as the Auto-Cycle Club's first quarterly trial in 1906 .By the late 1960s, Japanese motorcycle companies began challenging the European factories for supremacy in the motocross world. Suzuki claimed the first world championship for a Japanese factory when Joël Robert won the 1970 250 cc crown.
The Best Dirt Bikers Ever
1. Jeremy McGrath
2. Ricky Carmichael
3.Chad Reed
4.James Stewart
5.Ryan Villopto
The Best Dirt Bikers Ever
Super cross is a cycle racing sport involving racing specialized high performance off-road motorcycles on artificially made dirt tracks consisting of steep jumps and obstacles. Professional Super cross contest races are held almost exclusively within professional baseball and football stadiums. Many notable differences exist from regular motocross
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