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SC Johnson Presentation

No description

Live Different

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of SC Johnson Presentation

About Live Different
Our Core: Message
Our Core: Method
Live Different is a Canadian charity that sparks pivotal life change, by reaching youth where they are at and inspiring them with a message of hope and purpose. Through our programs, students are empowered and educated on the value of their own lives, the power of their choices, and their ability to create positive change in the world around them - resulting in a transformation of their attitudes and actions.
Live Different Builds
Humanitarian trips for school groups and students
Live Different Academy
Gap year mentorship and leadership development program
Live Different Presentations
Live, concert-style, school-wide motivational assemblies
Live Different Builds
Successfully combine healthy development and volunteering practices together to create "symbiotic" impact for families/communities on the ground and in long-term life empowerment for volunteers
Since 2005 over 5000 volunteers have engaged with LD in 350+ projects
Safety is highest priority
Extremely high retention on groups and volunteers
100% recommendation rate!
Live Different Presentations
Our Motivation
Our Partners
Our Ideal Partner
Alignment with Live Different's mission and lifestyle values
Understanding of Live Different's strategic approach and integration of all three programs areas that we facilitate.
Personal / employee or client engagement with Live Different programs.
Understanding that Live Different is a grassroots organization and desire to support healthy and sustainable growth.
Project Opportunities

$10, 000
Student engagement/recruitment booths
Feed road teams
for and entire year
Fuel for teams
for a year
Employee trip with
Live Different Builds
Bus for the expansion
of a 3rd road team
Support over 200 student volunteers in building 14 houses
Launch 3rd Road team
3 years of support
for 3rd road team
Thank you SC Johnson for
your time and consideration!
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