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Extended Simile and Extended Metaphor

No description

Shaira Hai

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Extended Simile and Extended Metaphor

Extended Simile and Extended Metaphor
Extended Simile
A simile that extends several lines or even the full length of the poem that expresses the author's feeling and thoughts to the audience.
Words in
show the extended simile.
Example of Extended Metaphor
She could have been beautiful,
this rose of an arrogant dark red, its beauty attempting to crush those around her. Yet her beauty was scarred by the thorns piercing her image into shreds. Hulga let her wine colored petals atone for the deformity, yet when her heavy wood foot came down her arrogance was hopelessly trampled into the ground, the thorns exposed, and her identity stolen.

By. Shaira Hai and Pragna G.
Hulga could have had a brilliant life ahead of her, with a PhD in philosophy in her pocket and thoughts way beyond the grasp of good country people. She was, however, much

like a blank sheet of expensive paper all crumpled up. She would not let others write their beliefs on her, nor permit anything pleasant to be written on that pale sheet that would’ve yielded her some joy. Instead, Hulga chose to crumple herself into a paper-ball, leaving the people around her with no other option, but to throw her directly into the waste bin. Her depreciation was a result of her own self-condemnation. No doubt, Hulga had crumpled and trashed her own life

Example of Extended Simile
The words in
is the extended metaphor.
Extended Metaphor
A metaphor that extends several lines or even the length of the poem that expresses the author's feeling and thoughts to the audience.
In the previous slide, Hulga is compared to the thorns in a flower. The author is trying to explain that she is really beautiful but, her personality is rude and careless. The author extends this comparison throughout the whole poem with more detail and depth to describe her mean personality.
What is a

A figure of speech comparing two thing that uses"like" or "as".
Example of Similes
The girls are thorny as a rose bush.
He washed his face until it was as smooth as glass.
After finding a bag full of jewels, the young man's eyes looked as bright as the moon.

What is a

A figure of speech comparing two things that doesn't use "like" or "as".
Example of Metaphors
The heat from the fire was heaven after the cold walk home.
A river of rain rolled down the driveway during the storm.
Her home was a prison.
In the previous slide, the author is comparing Hulga to a blank sheet of expensive paper all crumpled up because she does not let people help or improve her beliefs to become a better educated person. So, the sentence that was comparing the two things, extended through the whole poem to describe her more in depth of how she acts to throw her useful life to waste.
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