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Professional Ethics - Group 28

Professional Ethics - Group 28


on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Professional Ethics - Group 28

Legal Aspects
Workplace Ethics
Moral Ethics
Enforcement of Ethics
Ethical Standards
Environmental Ethics
 Morality
 Ethics
 Assess good and bad consequences
 Act-utilitarianism
 Rule-utilitarianism
  Kant’s Categorical Imperative
 Rawls’s Theory of Justice
 Golden Rule Test
 Gewirth’s hierarchy of rights
Integrity Demonstration

1. To do what is right

2. Acting professionally

3. Accept and give honest criticisms

4. To give proper credit

5. Never be engaged with illegal conducts

6. Treat others without discrimination

• Does the company have a moral obligation to restore the land form and surface ecology?
• What is the value of a humanly restored environment compared with the originally natural environment?
Group 28

Maximise Profits
Optimise revenue whilst precluding illegal actions, discrimination
Workplace productivity
Fair recruitment & wage policies.
Respect beliefs
& values
Enforcement of Ethics
Enforcement of Ethics


Enforcing Ethics
Enforcement Procedures
Enforcing Ethics
Code of Ethics Engineering Australia (2010)
 4.2 Practice engineering to foster the health, safety and wellbeing of the community and the environment.
 4.3 Promote the involvement of all stakeholders and the community in decisions and processes that may impact upon them and the environment

Knowledge and expertise

1. Develop relevant knowledge and skills

2. Act in a diligent manner

3. Support peers

4. Practice only areas of competence.

5. Apply knowledge and skills within legal requirements

6. Inform when given tasks outside fields of expertise
Made in writing
Filed with CEO or president
Chapters' focus on education & issues
Chapters do not enforce
Role of society chapters is to educate
Law comes first
Alleged must hold credentials
“the organization shall take reasonable steps – to evaluate periodically the effectiveness of the organization’s compliance and ethics program”

Federal Sentencing Guidelines: Section 8b2.1 (b) (5) (B)
Where do ethics come from?
Intrinsically right or wrong?
Code of Ethics
Laws and Legislation
Not always clear cut
Ethics exist in all aspects of engineering
Laws and regulations
Thank You
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