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Copy of a plant cell is like a circus

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Joelene Martin

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of a plant cell is like a circus

A NUCLEUS IS LIKE... A RINGLEADER The Ringleader A NUCLEUS is like a RINGLEADER becacsue in a cell the nucleus control `s the cell activity`s and in a circus the ringleader controls the circus`s activity. A NUCLEOLUS is like.... The Circus Tent The NUCLEOLUS is like the CIRCUS TENT because in the cell the nucleolus contains the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and in a circus-The Circus Tent has the circus the Main action so the tent is kinda like the DNA of the circus. The CELL MEMBRANE is like... The ticket master A Plant Cell is like a Circus
By:Lauren Scipioni
Science-2nd April 20,2013 The CELL MEMBRANE is like THE TICKRT MASTER because in a cell the cell membrane protects the inner part of the cell and it allows some things to enter and other things to not enter. In a circus the ticket master somewhat protects the inside of the circus by giving the circus goers a ticket and if they dont have a ticket they are denied access unless they buy a ticket . The Ribosomes are like.... The Circus goers RIBOSOMES are like THE CIRCUS GOERS because in a cell ribosomes create/manufacture protein for the cell to kep it moving . In the circus- The circus goers prechurse tickets with makes money for the circus so it can stay moving. the money for a circus is like protein for a cell. Cytoplasm is like.... Air CYTOPLASM is like AIR IN THE TENT because in a cell Cytoplasm is the viscous, gel-like substance that fills the empty space in the cell and holds the organelles. The people take space in the tent as the organelles take space up in a cell, but whats is not filled by people are equipment or animals, the tent is filled with air. The Mitochondria is like.... The Power Generator The MITOCHONDRIA is like A POWER GENERATOR. In a cell the mitochondria is know as the power house of the cell it produces converts oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the chemical energy "currency" of the cell that powers the cell's metabolic activities. In a circus the power generators power the circus, meaning the lights so you can see the circus. A Vacuole is like ..... The Food venders The VACUOLE is like the FOOD VENDERS because in a plant cell the vacuole holds and stores the food and nutrients untill the plant cell needs them. It is also bigger in the plant cell . In the circus the food venders hold and store the food untill the circus goers want it or need it. The Golgi body is like...... The stage hands The GOLGI BODY is like the STAGE HANDS because in a cell the golgi transport foods to other parts of the cell. In a circus the stage hands transport the equipment to the truck and to the stadium or the tent where they perform the Rough ER is like.... the stands people sit on The ROUGH ER is like The STANDS PEOPLE SIT ON. In a cell the rough er is a passage way that contains ribosomes and since this analogy is comparing ribosomes to people and since the rough er is a passage way. in a cell the stands are a sota a passage way that sits the people The lysomes are like.... the clean up crew The LYOSOMES are like THE CLEAN UP CREW. In a cell the lyosomes are digestive particles and they get rid of waste in the cell. In a circus the clean up crew get rid of the waste of the circus to clean it yp The cell wall is like.... the animals cage The CELL WALL is like the ANIMALS CAGE. in a cell the cell wall protects the inner part of the cell it lets some things pass and others things not to. in the circus the animals cage is to protect not only to protect them form people haring them but from them harming people as well. the cage protects the animal ans well as the people. Chlorplast is like.... The Cotton candy man CHLORPLAST is like THE COTTON CANDY MAN. in a cell the chlorplast is what helps make the plants food by the sunlight, sugar and water and nutrients together. in a circus the cottan candy man sell sugar that we put in our blood stream to have energy. Thank you and good bye!!!! is like empty bleacher seats The SMOOTH ER is like EMPTY BLECAHER SEATS in a circus because the smooth er`s job is to transport goods. this is the same function as the rough er so since the rough er is people sitting on the blecahers. (rough er has ribosomes) so the smooth er is the empty blecaher sits because it transt port people to see the circus and to get wood and trow a wast items.
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