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No description

dania patterson

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of E

Intergalactic expedition
SHIA: an 11 year old girl with dark brown hair and burgundy streaks. very intelligent.

ANDY: an 5year old humanoid that Shia got stuck with.
at Mykal (Shia's dad) work place at NASA for bring your child to work day when a disaster happen while Mykal presents his new dimension machine.
Event #1
while at Mykals work a little mishap happens when he presents his new dimension portal Shia accidentally trips over the boundary line and gets sucked into the portal.

Event #2
Shia feels that all is lost until she realizes the she has to pull herself together. Shia travels through many obstacles until she arrives at a new plant known as Zeptar that has humanoid creatures living their. Shia travels around Zeptar for a few second but gets stuck with a little humanoid creature.
Event #3
Shia develops an portal back to her dimension but still has to bring back her little friend and find out a way to get back all the years she missed because of the time change which was 50 years
Falling action
Shia returns back to earth but when she does returns her father is now 95 years old with a rare lung disease he wants Shia to finish what he started on the dimension project.
Shia finishes the dimension machine at age 15 and becomes a world renowned scientist that can now owns NASA and is the first and only person in the world to accomplish building the
Word choices

~NOVA ~GALAXY ~intergalactic
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