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Criminal Profiling

What it is and how to do it.

Jessica Steitz

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Criminal Profiling

CRIMINAL PROFILING?! 1. Profiling Inputs 2. Decision Process Models 3. Crime Assessment 4. Criminal Profilie 5. Investigation 6. Apprehension WHO IS A PROFILER?
Say WHAT? UNSUB an "unkown subject" HOMICIDE- a murder DATABASE- a lot of organization on a computer DNA a chemical found in almost every cell of your body psychology- the scientific study of human behavior serial killers a person who murders more than three people over a period of more than thirty days
they usually do this with some type of physcological gratification (unusual behavior or emotion)
the killings are mostly a part of sexual release evidence is collected from the crime scene including photos, physical evidence, investigator notes and reports of witness interviews. the evidence is organized, studied and analyzed to look for patterns that can link to the crime and the unsub criminal profilers attempt to recontruct the crime scene and put themselves in the shoes of the killer and they use a timeline of events steps 1-3 are combined to create a criminal profile including the intentions, physical qualities, personaltiy and behavior of the perpetrator. the profile that was just made is given to the investigators that work where the crime happened who are helping with this case. if more leads turn up when investigating more, the profile may be changed to fit the unsub. in about 50% of the cases a suspect is identified. If and when this happens, he/ she is interviewed and compared to the profile. If there is a reasonable suspicion that the suspect could be the perpetrator, than a warrant is issued for their arrest. They then go to trial and the evidence is given. MO- (as used in the video)
a term for how a criminal opperates suspect- someone thought to be responsible for a crime PERP-
a person who has commiteed a crime.
(short for perpetrator) "PSYCHO" has to do with the mind
and "OLOGY" means "the sutdy of" criminology- the study of crime, criminals and behavior. profilers also rely on their computers to search for information on related crimes and information on people in the are who match the profile many profilers work for and have been trained by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
Profilers pay attention to details. they study crime scene photos, lab reports and other notes. They are very organized to look at everyhting carefully profilers have to be very observant and study the tiniest detail in the crime scene to find clues to the perp's personality, listen carefully to what they are told about the case they know alot about the human mind It is used to detect and classify the major personality and behavioral characteristics of someone based upon analysis of the crime or crimes the person committed.

the FBI travels to places where the crime took places other police detectives that work locally near the case work with them serial killers often have patterns in their killings such as the time, place, the way its done, and who it is done to.
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