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University of Toronto - TEFL Online for Professional Development

No description

Ash Pugh

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of University of Toronto - TEFL Online for Professional Development

TEFL for Institutions
The Course
Easy to follow
Interactive course using cutting edge multimedia
Globally available from the comfort of your home
Accessible using smart phone or tablet
100% online
Eliminates schedule conflicts and self-paced
Ensures your teachers are using the latest teaching pedagogy
Innovative professional development for your teachers
Direct online support from the University of Toronto

University of Toronto
Ranked in the top 20 universities worldwide
Currently ranked 14th worldwide for Education
Consistently recognized as Canada’s top-ranked university
Recently created and delivered a new and exciting TEFL certification course

Designed by language acquisition experts from OISE, the Faculty of Education at University of Toronto, one of the world's top 20 universities.
TEFL Online's Academic Director - Dr. Jim Cummins
PhD in Educational Psychology
Over 30 years of experience
World leader in second language acquisition field
Received International Reading Association's Albert j. Harris Award
Published in over 150 book chapters and over 100 articles in refereed publications.
Standalone Specialization
Pricing tiers for high volume
Structured payment plans
Flexible format
Specializations can be interchanged depending on institutional needs
Develop expertise in the areas most relevant to the teacher’s careers
Added in class portion upon request
10 hour standalone specialization option

Great Teachers
Teachers are fully prepared to teach English as a foreign language
Teaching all core subjects to English language learners
Enhanced pedagogical knowledge
Successful Students
Teachers can respond to students' difficulties better, thus creating a more effective learning environment.
Attract and
Retain Talent
Providing teachers with customized learning opportunities will set you apart as an institution, ready to invest in their teachers.
In association with
the University of Toronto
Build your institutions' brand
Associates your institution with the University of Toronto’s high teaching standards
Each teacher is awarded a certificate from Continuing Education at OISE, The Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto.

Associate your Institution with
the University of Toronto
Professional Development for existing teachers

International Opportunity and Certification for new teachers

Marketing Partnership earning money per course sold
Teaching English to Korean Speakers
Teaching English to Arabic Speakers
Teaching English to Young Learners
Teaching Test Preparation Courses
Teaching Business English
Teaching English to Chinese Speakers (Mandarin)
Digital Technology in the Classroom
Learner-Centered Lessons Teaching
Teaching Abroad
The day you might sign the Proposal
Send us a list of your teachers
We enroll you into the course
Account Manager is introduced and is made available for any questions
Your teachers can begin the course the very next day
Moving Forward
Purchase outright by institutions for Professional Development

Portion of the courses paid off over time through teacher's salary
Partners of TEFL Online
Institutional Investment

Institutional TEFL
1-5 Courses 5-10 courses 10-20 courses >20 courses
$949 per $899 per $799 per $749 per or custom solution
$1195 per $995 per $895 per $849 per or custom solution
100-hour course
120-hour course
120- hour course
100-hour course
Individual Courses sold through website
TEFL Certification
150-hour course
$1395 per $1245 per $1195 per $1125 per or custom solution
5% to 40%
discount available dependent upon the number of courses purchased
**150 hour course also available
Teachers purchase the courses using their Professional Development financial allocation
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