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C-SPAN and Social Media FY 2015

No description

C-SPAN Admin

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of C-SPAN and Social Media FY 2015

1 million Twitter followers
500,000 Facebook likes
C-SPAN and Social Media FY 2015
471K Twitter followers for @cspan
(736K Twitter followers for all 12 C-SPAN accounts)
266K Facebook likes for main page
(345K for all three pages)
Interactivity Part of our mission/culture (first phone call 1980)
Reach non-traditional audiences
Promote Programs/ events to C-SPAN users and ought-to be
Go TO the conversation
Reach people who aren’t searching for us
Showcase our video

Why does C-SPAN do social media?
Connect to us for latest video content
A venue for discussing current events
Be informed via clips
Get key, timely schedule updates
Updates about events in our core mission areas

Why follow C-SPAN?
Social media team – runs corporate FB, twitter, other accounts
Marketing – targeting FB, twitter ad campaigns for specific content
Programming – recommends clips, audience engagement topics
Program ops – uses social comments on-air/on screen, plugs FB/twitter on screen
Program ops – members of Congress tweets during quorum calls
Digital – website links to our Facebook page
Marketing – Reps include in their presentations/displays
Affiliates – connect Cable or Satellite operator Twitter accounts to our Tweets

Current efforts to reach goals
Hashtags on screen
Twitter/FB buttons on home page
Archived VL clips are shareable
Other social media efforts
to foster interaction

Social tools we currently use


Primary corporate C-SPAN twitter accounts
Predictability of timing
Hot questions/high engagement factor
Big news/ things already taking about
Stuff no one else has/unique, desirable content

Consistently successful
Expectations – consistently there every day 6am
Behavior – there’s been a WJ question for 20 years
WIIFM – comments read on-air, community built on C-SPAN's Facebook page
Quality questions provoke high engagement
Timing – first chance to express an opinion
$ $-- Marty spends money on them

Why do Journal questions do so well?
Shows within a network vary the number of times social media is 'plugged' (shown in onscreen graphic).
Reporters' individual twitter handles are shown frequently across networks.
What others are doing
In 2015:
Strengthen our social media strategies to support corporate goals
Connect our company-wide tactics with the strategy
This group will support/embrace/execute the following strategies and tactics

Next steps
For Campaign coverage: Constantly ask who won debate and what issues are important to you
Immediately through Election Day – special emphasis on debates
how many participate in the discussion, and how many new people join the discussion by following C-SPAN

Double down on Congress
(Corporate Goal #8)
Put twitter accounts under the network bug (@cspanwj for WJ, @BookTV for BookTV, and @cspan for public affairs) - e.g. First Ladies.

When Congress comes back in September
We’ll measure if followers increase during trial period. If we spot trend, try with Facebook, too

Establish environment that encourages innovation & risk-taking (Goal #1)
Success with WJ call-in question: pursue opportunities elsewhere …
Potential ideas:
• something regular with Washington Today
• tie-in to the Newsmakers main topic
• hot/current topics or guests on BookTV

after campaign, to generate more conversation opportunities
do these come close to cloning WJ success?

Effectively engage with
C-SPAN audience
(Goal #10)
Other tools in the arsenal
Google +
Primary individual C-SPAN tweeters
Jeremy Art
Craig Caplan
Bruce Collins
Laura Finch
Peter Kiley
Matt McGuire
Ben O’Connell
Michele Remillard
Steve Scully
Ben Sorensen
(78 others have

Sporadically successful
Trying to create conversation where none exists organically
Unique content may still not resonate
Corporate self-promotion campaigns

Supporting FY 2015 Corporate Goals
Via social media strategy/tactics:
Increase number of shared clips
Programming producers start making the actual clips they identify (Dalet will help, corp goal #6))
Web team also spots and makes clips
Thus: Social media team has more content to share

happening now, will improve and increase with Dalet in place
driven by news & in-the-moment circumstances --will share clips more when Congress in session, but also spot opportunities when things are quieter
measure number of clips shared and comments; strength/importance/opinion leadership of sites using our video
Promote new
digital initiatives
(Goal #7)

1) Weekly video previewing campaign coverage (also ties to Doubling Down goal)
Labor Day to Election Day
Views and comments
2) Weekly video previewing congressional action
Every week Congress in session/ongoing
Views and comments
3) WJ hosts preview special segments or marquee guests
As events warrant/Ongoing
Views and comments

Promote interesting and informative programming across platforms to help users follow Congress/DC
(Goal #2)
Go Team! Your buy-in! . E.g.: Ops producers suggest engaging content. Graphics produces vibrant visuals. They are part of the process and will be recognized…Create more company-wide stakeholders.

Tough to numerically measure. Managers determine the WIIFM. Are more staff involved and working together– and do they feel they have a vested stake in meeting the goals?
Operational efficiences and synergies (Goal #3)
and energize C-SPAN staff (Goal #5)

Emphasize measurement and metrics in our goals and projects
(Goal #4)
1) For Doubling Down on Congress: More focus on paid digital advertising around our coverage

in coordination with the increasing postings in September for campaign and then new Congress
Efficient investment (CTR/CPR) and growth (likes/followers)

The climb continues...
MSNBC plugged social media more than any other network, by far.
Highest number of plugs: Alex Wagner (60+ per hour long show)
Length of plugs was usually 7 seconds for MSNBC shows, but Andrea Mitchell was the outlier (60 seconds per plug)
Further findings
Even during Meet the Press, during which there were no plugs for a main Twitter handle or a reporter's twitter handle, #MTP stayed onscreen for the duration of the program.

Of networks watched (MSNBC, FOX, Al Jazeera, CNN and PBS Newshour), only PBS NewsHour showed nothing but a guest's twitter handle.
For Congress: regular posts of what’s happening today in Congress and hearings. Your thoughts on today’s Congressional action and votes?
As soon as they get back in September – and intensifying with the new Congress
how many participate in the discussion, and how many new people join the discussion, by following C-SPAN
Your thoughts/comments?
2) Stop fragmenting audience: All tweets related to Campaign and Congress for audience engagement and promotion should be anchored to @cspan (not @cspanpolitics or #chat)--better hashtags and cc:s for connecting programs with key parties

With narrower focus, will result in more followers for @cspan
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