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Cody Weidner

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Confucianism

Definition: A way of life taught by Confucius in the 6th–5th century BC. Sometimes viewed as a philosophy, sometimes as a religion, Confucianism is perhaps best understood as an all-encompassing humanism that neither denies nor slights Heaven. Quick Facts: Formed: c. 500 B.C.E.
Origin: China
Followers: 5,000,000
Deity: None / various gods and ancestors
Sacred Texts: Analects (Lunyu),
the Five Classics (Wujing),
the Four Books (Sishu)
Headquarters: None All You Need to Know http://www.patheos.com/Library/Confucianism.html Introduction Founder(s) So for my project I have chosen to do Confucianism. I knew the definition of this particular "ism" because I recently did a project on Confucius. Upon completion of this project I hope to learn more about this optomistic view on life. Before reading on, you must know the several names that Confucius may go by. They are as follows: Confucius, Kong Qui, and Zhong Ni. Kong Qui (not famous during his lifetime)
- Mengzi
- Xunzi
(Mengzi/Xunzi were his early disciples) Confucian Symbol:
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