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Common Core Performance Tasks

Delivered at JWMS by J. Pack, M. Stevenson, and S. Ortega

Jessica Pack

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Common Core Performance Tasks

Foundation CCSS instructional shifts inherent in performance tasks: Math Instructional Shifts: Burning Question: Answer: Balancing informational and literature texts
Close reading of complex text
(Increased rigor)
Text-based answers and evidence
Writing from sources with evidence
Academic vocabulary
Digital literacy Common Core Assessments: Common Core Focus
Deep understanding
Dual intensity How do we begin to teach Common Core while still being evaluated on the 1997 standards? Performance Tasks What are performance tasks and what do they include? Multiple
Choice Constructed
Response Performance
Tasks blending of literacy and content standards
literacy and mathematical problem solving
rigorous and relevant
ELA: always related to science, social studies, or the arts
Math: always blend algebra and geometry to solve a problem
assess mathematical practice standards Literacy
Mathematics Literacy Instructional Shifts: We focus on the key shifts and begin to administer performance tasks several times a year. ELA Performance Task Pattern: Read some sources
Watch a video
Answer some questions and take notes
Plan and write an article or essay
Articles are informational/argumentative
Articles are written based on audience, sources, and purpose Math Performance Task Pattern: Examine maps, data, costs, etc.
Make decisions based on mathematical evidence
Explain in writing each of your decisions/answers using mathematical evidence garnered from sources Released Performance Tasks and respond to this prompt on a sticky note: What do you find surprising, exciting, or intimidating about the sample performance tasks? Examine
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