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Constellation Aries

Constellation for Science Class

Randy Epouhe

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Constellation Aries

Mesarthrim Sheratan Hamal Flamsteed 41 The Constellation Aries Constellation Taurus Constellation Pisces Mythology In Greek mythology, the constellation of Aries represents the golden ram that rescued Phrixos, taking him to the land of Colchis. Phrixos sacrificed the ram to the god zeus and hung its skin in a temple, where it was known as the Golden Fleece. The king, Aeetes, had the fleece placed in a sacred copse, guarded by a fearsome dragon which never slept. Phrixus later married the king's daughter and remained in exile for the rest of his life, but the fleece was eventually stolen by Jason. In Greek society the ram was used as the vernal equinox which is the technical name for the spring equinox.
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