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Swing Kids

About the movie.

Nishaun Yakub

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Swing Kids

Swing Kids Presented By: Nishaun Yakub & Mohib Iqtidar General Information: Directed by: Thomas Carter
Directed in: 1993
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Music
Topic: Nazi Germany and Hitler's rules
About: A group of Swing Kids and how the Nazi's rules and persuaion ways teared families and friends up. Why did we choose this movie? Kneww little about Swing Music, and wanted to learn more. Wanted to learn about this type of music. Why was Swing Music banned by Adolf Hitler. Movie was different and entertaning with dances and music and the theme around World War Two. Perspective of four boys, and thier lives changed after World War Two is interesting and relatable. Plot Summary Three friends Peter, Thomas, and Arvid who live in Hamburg, Germany under the power of Adolf Hitler. These boys rebelled against Hitler by listening to banned Swing Music. The owner of the bakery lets Peter off, but must enrol in Hitlerjugend (HJ) as punsihment. Thomas joined HJ voluntarily with Peter and quotes "HJ by day, and Swing Kids by night!" Thomas reconnets with an old friend named Emil who is already in HJ. Friendship develops and Thomas begins to get brainwashed into the Nazi's ways. Arvid refuses to play a German song. Arvid is threaten by Thomas. Arvid later commits suicide. The Nazis take Thomas' father away because he is 'ratted' out by his son. Peter is sent to deliver three identical pacages to different families. Peter gets caught by the Nazis and is sent to a labor camp. Topics and Examples Friendship: The boys promise to stay friends, and look out for each other. In an act of friendship, Thomas volunterlly joins HJ with Peter. The boys friendship is tested because of the Nazi's rule. Thomas threatens Arvid, and causes him to commit suicide. Thomas realizes his mistakes, attempts to save Peter. Film Clip Relation to the movie and the topic: In relation to the topic: When Peter steals the radio, he falls and is caught by the Nazis and then forced to join. Thomas decides to join the Nazis to show that he will always be there for Peter. In relation to the movie: If you were to get caught by the Nazis, then your punsihment is to be forced to join HJ, or be sent to a labor camp. Why is this one of the most important Scenses? Triggers the incident that leads up to the turning point of the moive. Thomas, Peter, and Arvid stongly disliked the Nazis, speak badly about them, and wanted nothing to do with them After joining the Nazis, Peter and Thomos turned thier back on thier families and friends. Leads to the death of thier friend Arvid. Its Movie Clip Time!!! Characters are relatable. The movie shows the true meaning of friendship Showed way how people were brain-washed by the Nazis. No German speaking. How could the Crew imporve the Movie? Acotrs/actresses to speak German. Focus less on the music, and more on the bigger events. What we Learned Swing Music was a thing that the Nazis disliked becuase they thought it was Jew related. Teachniques that the Nazis did to turn thier troops against their families and freinds. Swing Music Illegal to buy, listen or dance in Germany. People who enjoyed this type of music was called "Swing people/Swing Kids" Special clubs were hidden from the Nazis. If Nazis found out, the club would switch from Swing Music to pure German Music. Music stores would hide thier records of Swing Music, or label them as something else to hide them from the Nazis. People who dance, or enjoyed this type of music was always physically abused by Nazis specifically. How was the Moive? Entertaining to watch. Able to understand each scene better. Swing dancing and music was interesting and a contrast to the dancing and music we had today. Humours, entertaining, emotional. Show how Hitler and the Nazis effected the youth. Showed how music can connect friends. Thomas comes to his senses, and tells Peter to run. Peter opens up a box, and is terrified of what he sees, and runs away to a Jewish friend, Frau Ling. Frau Ling gives Peter a letter that his father wrote which made Peter realize what his father did. Peter heads to a night club. Thomas as a HJ, sees Peter and a fight begins. Thomas and Peter's brother Willi begin to scream and carry out "Swing Heil!" Plot Summary Continued Portraying real life events, and the bended facts. Good job portraying real life events. Took place in Germany just before World War Two The director did a good job showing how Nazis took control, and how they were able to make thier troops turn thier back on families and friends. Although the director did this on purpose because it was an English-speaking movie, it would be very more realistic that even some of the Nazis, and the citizens spoke German. Men Treated during World War Two Boys and men were not forced to join the Nazis unless they caused a crime. If they did cause a crime, they would be punished by being physically abused. Some were killed or sent to camps, or would be force to join the Nazis. Men who were part of the Nazis whould be looked upon in a negative way. Nazi's Rules and Regulations The Nazi's did not like it when people disobeyed the laws. Resulted to be physically abused, killed, or taken to camps. Special uniforms. The Nazis spied on parents, people, and friends, to find information if they speak wrongly about the Nazis. Nazis came into homes, and took people away. Hitler Youth seemed to demonstrate German discipline. Hitler Youth/Hitler Jugend (HJ) was founded in 1926. Assisted in neighbourhood cleanup, located bombed-out civilians, looked for unused rooms in undamaged houses, found occupants that were against Hitler’s ways. Important Information we Learned Hitler Jugend was also known as Hitler Youth. Main activities of the Hitler youth were marching, camping, and sports. Hitler believed that the future of Nazi Germany was its children. Hitler Youth consisted of boys and girls from agtes 10 to 18. What we Learned form this project New ways to watch the moive. Shouldn't watch for entertainment, but to watch them, and learn something new, and be able to evaluate the movie. Also taught us how to evaluate true facts, and facts that are bended by Hollywood. Peter and Thomas stole a radio from a local bakery store.
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