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Revolution Commonalities

No description

Amber Abila

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Revolution Commonalities

Revolutions One Pager
Most Inspiring Leader
I think that Gandhi is most inspiring to me because he used nonviolent tactics. His goal was to gain freedom from the British. He stood up for his country and helped them become their own country. Many people supported his tactics. He was strong and kept his beliefs even though he almost got killed 5 times.
Revolution Commonalities
I learned that most of the revolutions are nonviolent. Many had protests and never wanted to have anyone die. For example Gandhi in the indian independence movment always believed in nonviolent tactics even though he almost got killed 5 times. The revolution that had the most violence was the Tian revolution. The chinese military took tanks and ran over students because they were protesting.
Interesting facts
1. Gandhi almost got killed 5 times
2. The Indian Independence. Movement lasted 24 years.
3. In the velvet revolution, the protesters pretended to be killed so more people would be mad at the government.
4. Napoleon sealed off supplies to spain
5. In the Hungarian Revolution, they asked for help but only got the redcross
5 more interesting facts
6. In Tianamen square, tanks ran over students
7. Stalin died in 1953 and caused the power stuggle
8. The salt march was when India stopped buying items from Britain
9. In the Mexican War of Independence, Mexico last 1/10 of its citizens
10. In the Civil Rights Movement a bomb was placed under a church on Sunday
The word revolution means
an overthrown of a government or social order in favor of a new system.

These two maps show India before and after the revolution. Pakastan and India both became their own country.
This picture shows people protesting in the Indian Independence movement.
Compare and Contrast
Hungarian revolution
In 1953 Stalin died and caused the power struggle.
16 points were made to protest against the government. They called for help from other countries but only got redcross from the U.S.
Goal was get independence from the solviets
Result was the Solviets won because they were out-numbered

Indian Independence Movement
Indians were treated poorly. Hundreds were killed and thousands were injured.
Only used nonviolent tactics like marches, protests, and boycots. They also had the salt ing supples from Britain where they stopped buy
Nehru(priest) and Gaudhi's goal was to gain indepedece from Britain
India and Pakistan became their own country and gained freedom
Revolution influenced by the American Revolution
The American Revolution influenced the Civil Rights Movement. After the American Revolution colored people were treated poorly. For example, blacks would have to sit at the back of the bus and they didn't have the same rights and freedom. The many racism problems lead to the Civil Rights Movement.
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