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Join AP US

Custos Altus

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of PUSH (AP US)

AP PUSH "Psychological" Ushering & "Subtle" Hints Do You Love History?

Do You Love This Great Nation?
Say Hello To AP US History!!! 1900-1917: 1902-1945: SEPTEMBER 11, 2011: 2010-2011: 1400-1625: 1750-1776: 1776-1788: 1815-1840: 1830-1860: 1840-1848: The Rise Of Industrial America North & South: Civil War Themes Projects Every quarter students have the privilege of 1) choosing a theme in a given time period that most interests them and 2) producing a well thought out analysis of their theme and its place and value in the given time frame of American History. The Amazing Students of WPHS
Sign up for AP US History Some What Related Videos Some of this might convince you to Join AP US, and Others are just fun to Watch ; ) <3 Slavery and [Its] legacy 1850-1900 Demographic Change 1800-1850 1803: Louisiana purchase Missouri compromise 1820 Texas becomes a state : 1845 Manifest destiny Really took off round about, 1840...give or take a few years Potato Famine Brings In Irish Immigrants
1845-1850s Compromise of 1850 Dred Scott vs. Sanford 1857 John brown’s raid Emancipation Proclamation
January 1st 1863 Freedmen’ s bureau 13 amendment 14 amendment 15th amendment Jim crow Era late 1860s-1900s The Rise of the Atlantic World Roads To Revolution Defining A Nation The Transformation of American society Old South And Slavery Immigration, Expansion, and Sectional Conflict 1861-1865: 1865-1900 Progressive Era Global Involvements and A WOLD AT WAR WE WILL NEVER FORGET American Diversity American Identity Culture
Economic Transformation
Globalization Politics and Citizenship Reform
War and Diplomacy
New Videos will be Uploaded Whenever possible Social Influnce of 21st century Feminism If You Can (and i strongly recomend it) watch this series. It's great! ;)
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