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Human Resource: Yum In My Tum

No description

Joshua Lim

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Human Resource: Yum In My Tum

Summer brings you a wonderful day at:
Risk Management
Yummy Friends - Keep that smile
Yum In My Tum Food Festival
Sophie Sheppard ~ Kaitlyn Rea Claudia Calderon ~Joshua Lim
0900-2000 Hrs on the
10th Jan 2014

Yum In My Tum

1. Celebration of the different cultures

2. The involvement of the local community to participate and showcase distinct delicacies
Who is the event for?
People of all ages and cultures!!
18-50+ Yrs old
Entire community
Audience characteristics
No "cuisine" regarded as Australian
Food Stores positioned according to world map
Musical Performances
Cultures & Ethnic Engagement
Major Risks
Minor Risks
Festival’s association - ‘Davies Park Market’ & ‘Queensland Multicultural Week’
Effective Communication channel
Event Safety and Administrative Checklist.
Event Staff
Medical Team
Dispersal of Information
Event Operation Manager - Josh
Human Resource - Sophie
Yummy friends
Logistics - Kaitlyn
Sound Head
Finance/Security - Josh
Design/Layout - Claudia
Le Hierarchy
Yum in my Tum
Yummy Group leaders
Security Head
Alcohol Marshalls
Chief Medic
Store Chief
Store Reps & Music Team
Security Team
Medical Team
Sound crew
Yummy tent
Security Tent
Engineers - Setting up
Layout Team - Setting up

Before Action Review
(what we're having now)

During Action Review
(T-1hour and Mid-Day)

After Action Review
(2120 to 2200 hours)
Balance, crowd-control, on the lookout, evacuation.
First-Aid, Medical issues
Assisting music team, setting up and tearing down of equipment
People, Hospitality, Waste management, Evacuation, Assisting Logistics, Signage, Setting up, Directional flows
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