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Ruth Ellis Center

No description

Kate Scorer

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Ruth Ellis Center

Youth Services
Building positive futures with LGBTQ young people experiencing barriers to housing, health and wellness.
What We Offer
The Ruth Ellis Center offers three areas of service, each with specific programming and eligibility requirements.

Second Stories
Health and Wellness Center
Second Stories
Low-barrier outreach services for youth ages 13 - 30 designed to engage youth through social programming. The intake form is the first step towards deeper person-centered engagement.
Services Offered
Snacks and Dinner
Hygiene Items
Safer Sex Items
Activities During Drop In Hours
Identity-Based Groups
Arts/Group Programming
Birthday Parties Monthly
Quarterly Training (13 and older)
Hours designated for dance
Youth Leadership and Advocacy at Second Stories
Youth may become a 'member' by further completing a Level 2 intake form. This level offers more structured programming based on youth's interests and strengths.
Youth Advisory Board
Youth ages 13 - 24
Youth contribute program, service and policy ideas to implement at the agency
Enrollment November to June
High attendance standards
Out in the System
Youth ages 13 - 24
Leadership, Advocacy and Research focused on LGBTQ youth of color
High attendance standards
Summer Internship
Youth ages 14 - 24
Intensive multi-session programming promoting identity specific health, safety and wellness
Application submitted in June
High attendance standards at 20 hours/ week for 6 week July-Aug.
TransJustUs Retreat
Youth ages 18 - 30
Holistic health approach to HIV prevention
African American / Youth of color
Paperwork required
Heath and Wellness Center
The Health and Wellness Center is open Monday through Friday offering physical health, mental health, substance use treatment and case management.
Behavioral Health Services

Between 7 and 30 years of age
Wayne County Resident, Medicaid Enrolled or Eligible
Individual, group, family counseling that is identity affirming
Person Center Planning
Residential Foster Care
Between 13 and 17 years of age
Temporary or Permanent Ward of the State
Additional requirements through residential team
Home like environment specializing in working with LGBTQ youth
Family Preservation through the Health and Wellness Center
Between 7 and 17 years of age
Referral through CPS, Foster Care, JJ, youth shelters/drop in spaces, CMH, self-referral
Focus on Family Preservation and Building Acceptance for LGBTQ youth in their home environments
Wayne, Oakland, Macomb
More Resources

Contact Information
Administrative Offices:
Second Stories
Second Stories
77 Victor Street
Highland Park, MI 48203

Physical Health Services

Between 4 and 30 years of age
Wayne County Resident, Medicaid Enrolled or Eligible/no insurance
Physical examines, vaccines, check ups, hormones, STI/HIV testing and treatment, birth control, etc.
LGBTQ Affirming medical staff
Integrated Health Approach
Provided by medical staff from Henry Ford Health System
Case Management
Youth ages 4 - 30
Guided by youth expressed priorities
Most frequent services=housing, health, employment
In collaboration with Integrated Health Services

Age Workshop
20 min
Aliens Among us
20-30 min
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