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Robinson Crusoe

No description

chase pellegrom

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a boy who wanted to go to sea but his parents said no.Crusoe one day snuck out and went to a ship and it was his friends dads ship and he asked him if he wanted to go sailing well Crusoe said yes and did not tell his parents he still went out and almost died but Crusoe did not care he kept on going sailing he got captured by pirates to getting stranded on an island Crusoe at first was very greedy and selfish now after being stranded on an island he does not care about money
Main charactor
By: chase pellegrom
Robinson Crusoe
Crusoe is happy
with sailing
and is very
selfish and
Crusoe gets captured by pirates
and get's a servant named Xury
Crusoe gets stranded on an island and nobody is there and he can not get back to the mainland
Crusoe builds is home gets all the supplies he needs and he is happy
Crusoe may be eaten and is very scared because there are cannibals on his island
The island is peaceful and Crusoe is happy and has made his got water,shelter, food, and protection.Crusoehas stayed on his island for a long time and is use to not having people around and a little surprise happens now cannibals came and have been eating people so Crusoe has to watch his back now.Crusoe got a servant that he named Friday because he was going to be eaten by cannibals but he escaped on Friday and went to Crusoe s home and now he works for Crusoe. Crusoe taught Friday how to talk and shoot a gun and lots of thing's and they try to make an attack plan to kill the cannibals and it turns out it was successful and they kill lots of them and they go back home.Crusoe and Friday get rescued and go home.
has a beach and many hills.Crusoe's island also has many birds and animals.The island has alot of rocks surrounding it.
Crusoe's island is a big island
has no people has trees and plants
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