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Blacks (North America)

No description

Amirhossein 6a

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Blacks (North America)

Blacks (North America)
An example of black discrimination is when most black people had to go to a different school that was "designated" to black people. They were poorly and treated unfairly where the white people were treated very well with kindness. Because of this, most of the black students didn't want to come to school because, why would they come to a school that didn't teach them anything that useful, wasted their time and got hurt from both feelings and physical (white people making fun of them)?
Where and When did this happen, and when did it end?
This black discrimination started after the Abraham Lincoln black discrimination time period after World War 2. It happened in the mid 1900s in North America (mostly in the United States of America) and ended in 1968 when the Civil Rights Bill banded discrimination from everywhere fully from the society. Remember, black discrimination hasn't yet ended because some people still discriminate black people, but the whole huge, main problems ended after Martin Luther King Jr.'s protests, boycotts and segregations.

Malcolm X
Malcolm X was born on May 15, 1925 at a university hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. He was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist. Died febuary 21, 1965, at the Audubon Ballroom at New York City. Assassinated by many men, one with a shotgun, others with pistols. He was sent to prison for the first time for selling drugs.
Martin Luther King Jr.
He was born on January 15, 1929.
He was an African-American men
activist. He died on April 4.
The 1968 Boycott that he started
lasted for about 382 days. On December
21,1956, after the supreme court of the
United States had declared
unconstitutional the laws requiring
segregation on buses, Blacks
and white rode the bus
together with no

What is black discrimination?
The white people thought that they were better than the black so the white people should be treated very well and the black people should be treated almost like an animal. The black people got little amount of income, had to go to different sections and more. Examples of them going to different sections are where the black people got the worst areas such as them getting to drink from worst and different water fountains than the white people, schools, and train stations. The sections they always sorted the citizens to go to in North America during the mid 1900s, was "Black and "White."
His parents were Earl Little and Louise little. He was married to Betty (Sanders) X. He has six kids which are: Attallah, Qubilah, Ilyasah, Gamila, Malaak, and Malikah.His famous quote is, BY ANY MEANS NESSESARY.
Prejudice means the judgement of people to other people that is unreasonable and biased. An example is where white people judged black people as weak

Prejudice is also a synonym of discrimination.
By: Amirhossein, Joshua and Natalie

Discrimination means that people are rude towards a certain group of people. This means that people make fun of a certain group and present them as weak people. People have been mostly discriminated in the topics of race, age and gender. For example, black people were discriminated by the white people because the white people thought that they were stronger, when it's not true.
Black discrimination
An example of what white people did when they thought that black people were weak
The solution to this problem is to break the law of the law of the black discrimination (black people have to go to a different school, black people have to sit at the back of a bus...) which is going to change everyone to treat every black person , every
humans, the same and well. Then, there wouldn't be a different school for the black students, the white and the black students and people are going to be together and treated the same. There would also then be no "Black" and "White" signs anymore. After these, we then encourage the black people that they are free and they would be treated the same with respect. At the end when these are done, every human being will be free and together, treated the same and no black discrimination would extinct anymore.
Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks was born on Feb 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. She was a african american women (black women) that lived during the black discrimination time period. She was the secretary of the local NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The NAACP is an African-American civil rights organization in the United States.
Why did it start and
What are the implications of discrimination against each black person?
It started when the white people thought that they were much better than the black people and thought that the black people were the some type of WEAK THINGS! All black people had to be different than white people when they were out in public such as they had to get a very, very low amount of income and to get the worst places like schools, washrooms, train stations and water fountains. This happened so the black people should be weak and taught that white people are much better. This happened so black people would have to listen to whatever a white person said.
What we think causes discrimination against a certain group of people and Why
When people
from the certain group that is going to be discriminated thinks of something wrong and bad informations (prejudice) that says that that group is bad and unsupportful. This happens so the people not from the discriminated group make others think that they are the best/the leader and people from the discriminated group are good for nothing.

Differences and Similarities between the late 1800s black discrimination and the mid 1900s black discrimination

1. The mid 1900s black discrimination is similar to the late 1800s black discrimination because both of them are a discrimination story about black people being treated poorly and bad that happened in North America.
2. The black people had to listen to what a white person said or else, there would be a consequence.
3. The black people were treated very bad (gotten a very low income) that they had a great chance of dying early.

1. The 1800s black discrimination was where black people worked as slaves and got very low amount of money where in the 1900s discrimination, the black people had a little more freedom.
2. The 1800s black discrimination was more intensed because the black people
to work as slaves
3. In the 1900s black discrimination, there was more and new laws (Ex. black people had to sit at the back of the bus) than the 1800s black discrimination time period.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Example of the signs they used to indicate that
Another example of black discrimination
The 1800s black discrimination where most black people were slaves
Someone making fun of someone
A black person working hard
1. What is black discrimination?
It started because white people thought that they are the best and the leader of all human being.
2. What is an example of the black discrimination?
Eventually, he had decided to fight against black discrimination as a civil rights activist. Unfortunately he was assassinated brutally by many men, making him one of the many victims of black prejudice and discrimination.

Black people in North America were discriminated by white people.
Who is discriminated?
Why were black people discriminated?

Black discrimination is where black people were treated poorly by the society of North America.
One day, on December 1, 1995, Rosa Parks at the age of 42, decided to sit in the front of the bus (which was called the white's section) to gain her religion freedom and equality. The bus started to get full and a white man came onto the bus to sit somewhere but there was no space. The bus driver told Rosa to move to the back of the bus (at the very, very end), but Rosa refused and sat at the same seat. She was then arrested and convicted of violating the laws of segregation, known as the "Jim Crow Laws."
Background Information
Four days after she got arrested, Martin Luther King Jr. arrived in town and launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 381 days later, about a year, the supreme court ordered the city buses to treat everyone the same. She then was called,"the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement." She died in Oct 24, 2005 at the age of 92. Because of her, now every black person can sit any pert of a bus.
Bus Situation
After the bus situation
Rosa Parks at the police station (getting her fingerprint when they arrested her)
Rosa Parks at 92 years old
Rosa Parks
3. Why did Rosa Parks get arrested?
4. Why did black discrimination start?
5. Name one similarity between the 1800s black discrimination and the mid 1900s black discrimination.
She got arrested because she sat in the "white's section" in a bus and when the bus driver told her to move, she didn't listen.

In short for, she did something against the law.
Black discrimination is when black people were treated poorly by white people because they thought that they were much better.
1. The mid 1900s black discrimination is similar to the late 1800s black discrimination because both of them are a discrimination story about black people being treated poorly and bad that happened in North America.

2. The black people had to listen to what a white person said or else, there would be a consequence.

3. The black people were treated very bad (gotten a very low income) that they had a great chance of dying early.
Thank you all for reading our presentation and we hope you enjoyed!!
"No more black discrimination and there will be peace"
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