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No description

Emily Wilkes

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Marketing

Facebook and Twitter
- provides more information about what the company do, their aims and set up in a little blurb.
- regularly updates with many similar photos and stories to that on the Facebook and Twitter page.
- access to the website and email from this page
Social Check and Digital Marketing
Search engine
- the words "social media" should be a hyperlink for social check on Google.
Other Factors
Electronic Word of Mouth
- constant posts and replies on social media
- uploads photos and articles related to social media, businesses and importance of clean online presence.

- link to their website for potential clients to access more information.

- easy to follow and read, engaging, photo screen, large facts which aim to educate the viewer on why they need the service and how they can get it.
Search engine
- great search engine optimization
Mobile Phone
- the website and social media pages used by Social Check are all available on a smart phone.
- website invites potential customers to sign up for a regular email.
1. Create an Instagram Account
- increasing form of social media
- post facts and photos about employers checking social media
- create a hashtag #socialcheck
- the logo
- hyperlink to website on each post
2. Include checking a clients Instagram account on Website
- Instagram allows a lot of inappropriate posts that should be considered in the search.
What is Social Check
Marketing Environment
Social Check and the
Social Check and the macroenvironment
Social Check and CSR
SocialCheck has employed Symantec to protect customer data.
Company capabilities
Corporate partners
Increased use in workplace
Company uses
Gen X + Y
High unemployment rates
Price Segmentation
Corporate partners Universities
Give back to the community.
One such foundation they could support is Headspace
Reconstruct 'presence' section of the report.
SocialCheck is not liable for any unauthorized access to personal information. State who is liable, one of the security companies working with SocialCheck or the consumer themself
Use of Pin Payments to process credit card payments
SocialCheck follows all principles set out in the 'Privacy
Act 1988'.
SocialCheck only distributes information to third parties once it has been de-identified.
Takes precautions to destroy information
Company Capabilities
HR and digital marketing background
Corporate Partners
Corporate Partners
Thank you for listening.
Any questions?
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