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Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism

No description

Sarah Heimer

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism

By: Haley Pratt and Sarah Heimer Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism Job Forecasts Job Requirements Necessities:
*like to do things for others *patience/cheerful
*work helpfully * physical stamina

*obtain work experience Career Possibilities *Transportation
*Food service
*Travel arrangements
*Activities for tourists -Airlines: Reservation agents, flights attendants, engineers, etc.
-Airlines require wide range of personnel Internships *best way to get the job you want
*helps accomplish five things:
1. Acquire valuable, hands-on experience
2. Learn potential practical skills
3. Develop professionalism
4. Interact with segments of the local business
5. Develop a further understanding Conclusion *expected to be a growth industry
*all ages/backgrounds
*prepared, high energy, sociable, dedicated people
will succeed *WTTC- 2010: estimates 235.8 million world wide
*By 2020: 303 million world wide
* 1 in every 10 jobs
*One of the fastest growing industries
*Employers worried there won't be enough employees
*Tourism offers great opportunities Sources Tourism Technology Application of advanced information technology to provide...
-Tourist information via navigation systems
-Global Positioning Systems
-Pilots, Education, Agriculture, Armed Forces, etc.
-Customer Service (Technological end) Transportation -Bus Companies: Management, ticket sales, hostesses. -Cruise Lines: Managers, marketing, food service, cruise and activity directors, etc.
-Hotel staff in addition to hundreds of other jobs -Railroads: Engineers, hostesses, conductors, traffic analysis, etc.
-Amtrak dominates passenger rail service in US -Vehicle Rental: Agents, rental sales agents, mechanics, etc. Hotels, Motels, and Resorts -Resident and general management, custodial service, food service, accountants, public relations, etc. -Resorts generally have more job opportunities including...
-Tour guides
-Recreation directors Global Distributing Systems (GDS) and Travel Agencies -GDS's are electronic booking systems for...
-Airline Tickets
-Hotel Reservations
-Vehicle Rental
-Excursion Bookings -Travel Agencies: range from small to large businesses
-Large offices hold positions for branch management, commercial account specialists, etc... Food Service -A staple for hotels, resorts, cruise lines, some airplanes, buses, and rail cars. Careers include....
-Sous chef
-Health department Education & Research -Secondary and post-secondary education requires Bachelor's degree or higher -Research conducts market studies, consumer surveys, etc. and conveys results. -Travel communications: Editors, writers, PR, photographers, etc.
-Much time spent abroad
-Writing for reviews, research, and/or entertainment Recreation Rec & leisure: activity director, aquatics specialist, excursion agent, tour guide, etc. Attractions: Amusement park staff and management, security, guides, etc. Photos Flikr.com
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