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Gravity and Friction

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bowersc1 bowersc1

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Gravity and Friction

Gravity, Forces, and Friction By Chris Bowers Gravity | Friction What is friction? Gravity is the force that pulls two objects together. What is gravity? Force of gravity and its range depends on mass.
Earth's gravity is 9.8 m/s/s Forces Friction is force exerted by rubbing that applies force in the opposite direction of the intended motion There are four kinds Static friction Sliding friction Rolling friction Fluid friction A friction that is on motionless objects and must be over come for the object to move. Friction that opposes an object that slides over another Friction on rolling object Friction on object that is on liquid or in air What is it? The push or pull exerted on matter
measured in newtons Unbalanced forces:
nonzero net force due to a stronger force over coming the other 1 newton
force necessary to accelerate
1kg of mass at 1meter per second per second Net force:

Total force exerted on object Balanced forces:
zero net force nonzero refers to any number besides zero When air resistance equals gravity's force, this creates lift because of balanced force from the force in the opposite direction. Terminal velocity
the greatest velocity an object can reach during free fall Free fall
only force that acts on object is gravity Air resistance is an example of fluid friction A more detailed example of fluid friction is when a boat goes over the water, the opposite force is the fluid friction A kicked ball rolls forward and the opposing force is rolling friction When a bike moves forward it uses rolling friction to propel forward When a baseball player slides to a base, sliding friction is the opposing force If you were to slide a paper across a desk, you would have to over come the static friction that is only affecting it while it doesn't move air resistance Gravity
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