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Matter All Around

This PREZI is intended to give teachers an overview of this 8-10 week project, the essential questions to investigate, learning goals for students, and possible products to create.

Trisha Magoon

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Matter All Around

In this project, First Grade Scientists explore the world of matter all around them! They investigate solids, liquids, and gases by making fun creations such as oobleck, play dough, chalk, goo, and bubbles! An optional extension is for them to
share their creations and knowledge with other kids by preparing a "Matter Activity Box" that is donated to children in need!
Matter All Around!
A Project for First Grade Scientists
Essential Questions
* What is matter?
* How can we change matter?
* How can we use this knowledge
to help others?
* Different student-created activities:
play dough, goo, bubbles with wand, sidewalk chalk, and oobleck.
* Science Journal with students' written observations and reflections.
* A "Matter Activity Box" containing small packages of the above activities that is donated to children in need. (optional)
Students will...
* know the 3 types of matter
* know how matter can be changed
* apply their knowledge of matter to create different activities
* observe and record their observations
* measure using tools: 1cup, ½ cup, teaspoon, tablespoon
* write and revise a friendly letter
* collaborate with peers to critique their work and create multiple drafts
* learn empathy for those in need

Learning Goals
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