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Allergies Increase Along with the Pollen

No description

Madeleine Student

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Allergies Increase Along with the Pollen

What are Allergies?
How Many of You Have Allergies from Pollen?
Why More Pollen?
warmer weather in the northern United States extends the season when plants release pollen
more carbon dioxide means plants grow quicker so they reproduce faster
Effects Today
more people will buy allergies medicine
possible business opportunity and higher costs
sneezing and itchy eyes will provide distractions in school
more visits to the doctor for sever allergies that normal medicine can't help
Affects on the Future
more people will have allergies
since it will be a more common problem, doctors will look for a cure to allergies
so far, there haven't been any dangerous or life threatening long term affects
for people who already have allergies it could worsen
for those who don't they might get them
Today's pollen count is very high for tree pollen and moderate for grass pollen.
What is Pollen?
the male component of a plant's reproductive system
sometimes during the spring of summer, you can see the pollen in yellowish, brown clouds of dust
allergies do NOT come from flowers, it comes from trees, grass, and pollinating weeds
different times in the year you experience allergies from different plants
Allergies Increase Along with the Pollen
by Mimi Baldwin
allergies are caused when pollen gets into your body
your body recognizes a similar protein sequence to that in a parasite
your body tries to get rid of it by sneezing and itching your eyes
there is no known cure
closing the windows, staying clean and going outside when there isn't as much pollen can help
Have you noticed more pollen lately?
Detailed Answer
Simple Answer
global warming and climate change
source: Oregon Allergies Associates
Climate change is making allergies worse.
Along with the pollen here come the allergies.
When you think of pollen you might think of honey and bees. Or you will think of the dreaded allergies, but you will not marvel at tree reproduction.
Later, with more pollen in the air your first answer might be; allergies!
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