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Paul Duxbury - Around The Internet

The major sites where you can find more about Paul Duxbury, his commitment to Learning & Development, his experience operating at a Senior level, his Job Search Advice, his Social Media advice and of course to connect with him

Paul Duxbury

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Paul Duxbury - Around The Internet

To view Paul's full career history and discover what difference he can make to your organisation as a Learning & Development Professional connect with him on LinkedIn today at:

Paul Duxbury on LinkedIn
Paul maintains a Learning & Development Profile on Facebook where he shares L&D tips and connects with many other professionals. You can follow him on Facebook at:

Paul Duxbury on Facebook
Learning & Development Insights
Paul writes extensively about Learning & Development across a number of sites including his own L&D Insights Blog. You can read his thoughts and insights at:


Paul Duxbury on Learning & Development
Paul has been using Twitter since July 2007 to network with others across many sectors. He is also active in promoting and supporting Charities, sharing learning & development advice, social media marketing tips and job search advice amongst other things. You can connect with him at:

Paul Duxbury On Twitter
Paul Duxbury around the Internet
Paul operates across a number of Social Media sites as well as on his own sites. This brief overview will enable you to connect with him and discover what he is passionate about.
Paul Duxbury Prezume
Paul is a keen user of Prezi and therefore as you might expect he has created a Prezume! Known as a CV in the UK you can find his Prezume at:

Paul Duxbury - Prezi CV
Paul Duxbury - Online CV
Paul Duxbury CV including a downloadable PDF
Paul has a detailed CV online at it's very own site which gives you details of how Paul could make a difference to your organisation. You can read it at the link below where you can also download a PDF copy as well:

Paul Duxbury on Charities & Social Media
Paul writes on a wide range of topics across the internet but is especially keen to support Charities in making the most of the opportunities that Social Media offers. You can read his thoughts and advice at:

Paul Duxbury on Charities
Paul Duxbury Pinterest
To cater for those who prefer visual presentations Paul also maintains an account on Pinterest where you can find links to his sites and articles. To see more you can go to:

Paul Duxbury - Pinterest
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