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Mental health milestone 1: screen writer

No description

Kindel Anderson

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Mental health milestone 1: screen writer

by Kindel Anderson
Exposition: Rising Action: Turning Point: Turning Point: Dénouement: Maria, seventeen, a beautiful and popular girl with everything going for her. She is intelligent and lovely, even though her friends don’t value her intelligence and only care if she is pretty and thin. Maria, however, wasn’t always skinny and popular. When she was in sixth grade, she moved to a new city with her parents after being bullied relentlessly for being ugly and over weight. She was home schooled thereafter until she entered high school in ninth grade. She quickly became loved and approved of by other female and male students that held themselves higher than others. So Maria desperately tried to keep the image she gained so hard to get. As weeks passed, notes began appearing in Maria’s locker. Sweet things were written on them, like “you are beautiful the way you are” and other encouraging things. She was flattered, but curious as to who was doing it. Maria wanted to know the mysterious person who was slipping the notes in her locker, so one afternoon she went out of the lunch room and waited behind the other lockers. Arthur slipped the note in and Maria went to him quickly. As Maria ran to Arthur to confront him, she tripped. Arthur turned and helped her up, smiling gently. He didn't mind that she had been treating him so coldly. Maria asked why he was being so kind and slipping such sweet notes into her locker. He told her she was lovely the way she was and was hoping to encourage her so she wouldn't feel like she needed to carry on with throwing up her lunch. Maria hugged him and thanked him. Maria began to recognize why she felt as she did and began getting counseling.She then started a club to help other male and female students with the problems she had had. Arthur helped her run the club and shortly after, they began to date. Maria can now feel her self-worth and proudly showed her wits and ate hamburgers without the need to instantly flush it from her body. Her old friends still like her and look up to her more now. Mental issue: Eating Disorders Maria enters her physics class with her friends, smiling and laughing. Maria bumps into a new student on her way to her desk. He a bit strange, but not bad looking, apologizing continuously. She dismissed him and took her seat.
At lunch, Maria ate normally and then slipped off to get rid of the fatty calories by vomiting. Arthur, the new student, hears the noise coming from the restroom and waits until the person comes out. After seeing Maria come out, he figures that she is bulimic. He says nothing to the girl as she returns to her friends.
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