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Sustainability & The Lorax

No description

Nicole Martin

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Sustainability & The Lorax

Sustainability & The Lorax
Unit 1
What are some reasons that people in developed countries have largest eco footprints than those in undeveloped countries.
Essential Question
How do the increasing needs of a society effect
the sustainability of that society?
The ability of natural capital to replenish itself and still meet human needs.
Natural Capital
What kinds of things am I talking about?
Human Needs
What type of human needs effect natural capital?
What are some examples of how natural capital replenishes itself?
So basically... sustainability strikes a balance between the needs of people and the needs of nature.
The Lorax
An Environmental Parable
What is a
A story that teaches a lesson or a moral.
The Lorax tells a story about sustainability, presenting one perspective of a very important issue.
You will read the another perspective for homework this evening.
Exit Ticket
We have been discussing ethics. Do you believe the Onceler is a "bad" person or a "good" person? Why or why not?
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