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Here is the final presentation for COM 466 on behalf of Activate Good

Wesley Lo

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of COM 466 - FINAL

Activate Good Wesley Lo
Michael Mann
Camille Smith COM 466
Summer Semester 2011 Activate Good activates volunteers to help causes in our local community by:

Connecting individuals, groups, and companies to volunteer needs with partnering nonprofits in Wake County and surrounding areas and empowering the next generation of young volunteers and community leaders through our Activate Schools initiative. Eric Fotheringham
Volunteer Coordinator Amber Smith
President Nic Turza
Volunteer Outreach Chair Service Learning Project #2 Service Learning Project #1 Interviews with existing nonprofit partners
inform of change
understanding needs
expectations of AG
blog Website Michael's Learning Wesley's Learning Camille's Learning Communication Variety Logistics 5 Challenges & Suggestions Balancing Lives & Commitment
Lack of "signature" event
Competition with similar nonprofits
Expansion Capacity Building 5 Leadership Challenge 1 Aligning Mission, Methods, and Resources 2 3 4 5 Balancing individual interest & the common good Earning the Public Trust Capitalizing on opportunities associated with diversity Moving beyond charity to systemic change *this video is for the purposes of COM 466 1.
Currently - Exhausting resources
Future - Need tools for publicity
ie) stickers, ads, billboards

More people power! to know the cause

Why not have a signature group of Activate Good volunteers to promote the vision?
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