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No description

Alex Woodall

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Opportunity

Sales Workflow
We have introduced our services. Entity has shown some interest and may become a future opportunity. Nothing definitive has been decided, just interest in the company. Soft interest.

Could be considered one of the following:
Business Card Contact
Current Clients
Shared Interest in Company
Networking / Event Contacts
Lead has shown specific interest in one of our services and wants to hear more (phone, face to face or email).
Can be self generated or inbound request.

First Contact
Begin Using StrideApps Sales Management Tool
Initial Qualifications
Schedule Needs Assessment
First Contact
"First contact" with the customer should revolve around getting all of the necessary information to start the opportunity in the pipeline, schedule a needs assessment, and to build trust and verification around ourselves as a professional services company.
StrideApps Sales Management Tool
We must track ALL sales opportunities in the pipeline. Anything that becomes an opportunity at any time must be put in StrideApps even if you close it that day.

Setup Deal in StrideApps
Set Default Tasks
Manage Sales Steps
Add Documents
Proposal, Floor Plans, Anything that's necessary or provided for the sales process.
Schedule Assessment
Initial qualifications have all been met.
Next step:
Present the needs assessment to the customer
Schedule with appropriate team member:
Phone, Face-to-face, or Email
Calendar - add address, email, phone, contact name and description.
Mark deal as the "Needs Assessment" in StrideApps and make notes as necessary.
Sending Proposal
Take draft editable document and create PDF version
Save the PDF version in the "With Client" folder once it is sent
Proposal must be sent in PDF format to client!
Sent Proposal should be attached to deal in StrideApps
Customer MUST initial, date and sign document to be valid
Proposal should be sent to client by email with Kathy cc'd on email
Should be sent within 48 hours of pitch
Customer may contact sales representative to negotiate
Negotiations are acceptable based on the type of project
If changes are made update the editable document in drafts and update the PDF in the "With Client" folder once the new version is sent to the customer
Closed Won
The proposal has been returned signed by the customer.
File signed copy in Won folder in Sales department folder
Ensure scheduling occurs for team responsible for implementing project
On-board client for billing purposes
Signed Proposal should be attached to deal in StrideApps

Closed Lost
This means the deal was lost and is no longer on the table.
Check marketing database for customer information
Input customer information to marketing database / update customer info in database
Mark as prospect in marketing datase
Close out deal in StrideApps
Tags Step 1- Sales Rep
Tags Step 2 - Type of Lead
Tags Step 3 - Lead Source
1. Individual - IND
2. Business
Accounting - ACT
Payroll - PAY
Technology - IT
Taxes - TAX
Referral - REF
Networking - NET
Event/Tradeshow - EVT
Apple Consultants Network - ACN
POS Referral - POS
Social Media - SOC
Web - WEB
Current Customers - CC
Email Blasts - EMB
The process of performing an in depth assessment of the customers needs.

Further validate that Administrivia is right for their needs
Fill in gaps and holes not identified in the initial assessment
Further understand customer pain points and current systems/workflows
Update Status in StrideApps
Needs Assessment
This is where we position ourselves and the services we offer before sending an official proposal. In some cases this is part of the initial assessment/qualification, but in other cases this is critical to closing a deal. A proposal should not be completed without going through this process first. Proposals are time consuming and require a lot of attention/editing. We should NOT begin a proposal without the following process occurring first.

Gauge Interest
Temperature Check
Trust and Validation
Update Status in StrideApps
Successful needs assessment and pitch. The customer is interested and appears to be ready to sign an engagement letter to begin the project.

Create Physical Proposal
Send Proposal to Customer
Negotiation (if necessary)
Update Status in StrideApps
What actions are performed to close out a deal in the pipeline?

Options for closure:
Closed - Won
Closed - Lost
Update Status in StrideApps
Provide examples of projects we have worked on in the past that directly relate to this customer.
Give an understanding of our regular customers and how we're able to support their needs.
Don't forget to mention our on-going maintenance and support service for their technology needs.
Customers constantly speak about the need to have one vendor for everything. We are that one vendor to supply services for all their needs.
Creating Physical Proposal
Proposal should be created using template in sales folder.
Proposal editable document should be saved in the drafts folder

This means the deal isn't off the table, but for many possible reasons the deal is put on hold until a later date or a specific date in the future.
Set deal on Hold in StrideApps
Set reminder on calendar to follow up with customer withing X amount of time to ensure we don't lose the deal.
Don't forget....the deal is NOT lost yet when it's on hold.
Fill in Gaps and Holes
In many cases there are gaps and holes that aren't able to be identified from the initial needs assessment.
Identify those gaps and holes in order to provide an accurate pitch to the customer.
The pitch relies heavily on having all our bases covered.
Find out the specific details of the project scope:
Wish list
Gauge Interest
Check back with the client BEFORE sending proposal.
How interested are they in the services we have to offer?
What is the realistic time frame they want this project completed?

Sales Pipeline
Name of contact
Service Interest
Referral source
Ask Questions
Important information for First Contact:
Initial Qualifications
These are considered the initial "qualification questions":
Where are they located?
How many people does their company have?
Accounting, Payroll, or IT specific questions relating to the service we might offer them. (AKA Initial needs assessment over the phone)
This process often leads to skipping a few steps and being able to perform the full needs assessment up front.
Build trust, ask questions and present 2 minute drill down
Temperature Check



Where does the customer stand in the implementation of the project?
Open up the dialogue with the customer to sell the solution
Walk through the solution you propose
Estimate timeline
Ballpark pricing and rates
Build Trust and Validation
Never stop building the clients trust in our abilities to serve them
Continue validating ourselves and our services by expanding the clients understanding of the services we can provide.
Customer Pain Points
Here we build on the customers goals, wish list and priorities.
What is their primary reason(s) for calling us?
Once we identify the real problem(s), how does this affect their goals/wish list?

Setup Deal in StrideApps
Tagging Steps
Set Default Tasks
Manage Sales Steps
Deal Name
Should be company/consumer name (-) Project Subject
Contact Name and Email
Value (Don't use the stars at all)
Add dollar value if it is known at this step.
A dollar amount is required to be added by the pitch step
Provide a brief or detailed description of what the opportunity involves
Tasks should all have the following information:
Description of tasks
Person assigned to task
Due date
Then press "Add Task"
Once you have completed a task you simply click on it to cross out. This ensures we are following our steps and don't drop the ball on any specific items.

Default tasks:
Task 1: Needs Assessment
Task 2: Pitch
Task 3: Proposal
The process of identifying the position of the deal through the sales process. This is critical to managing the deal and preventing excess loss of deals.

Opportunity - default stage when you create a deal
Needs Assessment - should be set as soon as the needs assessment is scheduled
Pitch - should be set once the needs assessment has been completed
Proposal - should be set once the process of creating a physical proposal has begun
Closed - set either won, lost, or on-hold once the deal reaches this point. If the deal is lost at any point it should be set to lost.
Inbound Lead Workflow
Direct to Adam or Cameron
Lead transferred to available sales person or input into Zendesk and providing:
Contact name
Company name
Phone Number
Reason for call
Answered in Office
Answered by Service
Lead should contain the same information as being answered in the office.
Calls should be forwarded to a sales member immediately or input into the system with adequate information to return the lead call.
If a lead is received as an email or in Zendesk it should be forwarded to Alex or Kathy immediately.
Business Rules
Best Practices
Connecting with new lead is always first priority
Should be within 2 hours of initial contact
Objective of 1st contact:
Set appointment with sales member
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