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The most popular UK musical events

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Mateusz Woźniak

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of The most popular UK musical events

The most popular music events in UK
Notting Hill Carnival
Since 1966
Notting Hill, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, UK
It is led by members of the West Indian community
The carnival has attracted around one million people in the past years, making it one of the largest street festivals in the world
The Proms
Eight-week summer season of daily orchestral classical music concerts and other events held annually
Founded in 1895, each season currently consists of more than 70 concerts in the Albert Hall
In 2009 the total number of concerts reached 100 for the first time
First of promenade concerts organised in 1895
First democratic musical festival in the world
Glyndebourne Festival Opera
Glyndebourne Festival Opera is an annual opera festival held at Glyndebourne
Since 1934
The schedule involves three weeks of performances
Glyndebourne is constituted as a registered charity called Glyndebourne
Glyndebourne has an annual budget of a little over £20 million, as of 2010

T in the Park
Scottish music festival
Since 1994.
Originally a two-day event, the festival became a three-day event in 2007
85,000 people each day, along with 70,000 campers
Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Avicii, Blink-182
Glastonbury Festival
Is a five-day music festival
Inspired by the ethos of the hippie, counterculture, and free festival movements
The opening act of the first ever Glastonbury Festival was the English progressive rock group Stackridge
Glastonbury is the largest greenfield festival in the world, and is now attended by around 175,000 people, requiring extensive infrastructure in terms of security, transport, water, and electricity supply.
Isle of Wight Festival
Welsh festival of literature, music and performance
Formed from two Welsh morphemes: eistedd, meaning "sit", and bod, meaning "be
First festival 1176,
The largest festival of competitive music and poetry in Europe
Competitors typically number 6,000 or more, and 150,000 visitors
Its eight days of competitions and performances, entirely in the Welsh language
Music festival which takes place annually on the Isle of Wight in England
Held from 1968 to 1970
The 1970 event was by far the largest and most famous of these early festivals and the unexpectedly high attendance levels
The event was revived in 2002
Estimates of 150,000–250,000 attended
3 days
The Rolling Stones, The prodigy, Theo Who, R.E.M., Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon
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