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Unit 6 Week 2

No description

Alexa Wright

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Unit 6 Week 2

Do Now
Write 6 sentences using the below suffixes.
2. Review LT
3. EQ Activity
4. Louis XIV Documents
Learning Target
I can analyze primary documents.
EQ Activity
How do people gain and maintain power?
Louis XIV Document Analysis
1. Read the document
2. Complete the Central Idea Graphic
- at least two details
3. Identify two unfamiliar words
- complete the word map

Example: I had a wonderful trip to the amusement park. (wonder)
Do Now
Write 4 Sentences using the prefixes and suffixes.
1. Do Now
2. Complete Louis XIV Assignment/Turn In
3. Learning Target
4. Cause and Effect Video
5. Declaration of Independence Excerpt Assignment
I can analyze cause and effect text structures.
Declaration of Independence Excerpt Assignment
1. Read the excerpt
2. Complete Cause and Effect Graphic
3. Complete Central Idea Graphic
1. Identify 4 modern day causes and effects of TWO societal issue.
- Animal Rights
-Anti-Muslim Discrimination
- Police Brutality
-Failing Schools
- Undocumented Immigration
as·sent (ə-sĕnt′)
To express agreement or acceptance, as of a proposal.
judiciary - judges
tenure - he holding of an office.
erected - create or establish (a theory or system).
obstruct - deliberately make (something) difficult.
abdicate - Fail to fulfill or undertake (a responsibility or duty)
render - to make
tyranny - cruel and oppressive government or rule.
depository place where things are stored
Complete sentences!
Do Now
Turn in the following stapled together
- Do Nows 15pts
- Journals 20 pts
Unit 6 Part A Quiz
1. Half sheet of paper
2. Write the BEST answer choice
3. Enter scores into iRespond
1. Do Now
2. Unit 6 Quiz Part A
3. Review LT
4. Quizizz Main Idea Activity
5. Quizizz Cause and Effect Activity
6. Declaration of the United State of __________________.
Learning Target
I can correctly identify main idea, supporting details and cause/effect text structure.
Main Idea/Supporting Details; Inference; Summary Quizizz
1. You need a phone/partner with phone
2. Go to join.quizizz.com
1. You need a phone/partner with phone
2. Go to join.quizizz.com
Cause & Effects of American Revolution Quizizz
Declaration of the United State of __________________
insert name
1. Write a list of at least 10 grievances you have with the U.S.A.
2. Then write what type of government your new county will have
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