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Innovation drift Zilvinas Jancoras 2015-09-04

No description

Zilvinas Jancoras

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Innovation drift Zilvinas Jancoras 2015-09-04

Creative people
creative environment
Creative city requires creative people
Thank you for your attention
Žilvinas Jančoras
Chairman of the Board
copyleft 2015
Creative companies
creative people
Creative city
creative industries
Creative industries
creative companies

Smart goods
can be produced
turbo smart
super smart
Creative environment
creative city
National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries
Creative industries and innovations
System innovation is a newly developed system, the individual elements of which are not new but the novelty appears in the novel composition, integration and new relations between these elements. In developing system innovation we do not focus on R&D or new knowledge development, but on finding an elegant solution based on the existing knowledge. An elegant solution could be defined as a solution that solves the problem in the simplest and most effective manner.
Broader concepts of innovation include not only technical innovations of industrial enterprises but also marketing and organisational innovations in different spheres of activity. Not only are the innovations of the production sector recognised but also those of the service sector. The concept of innovation expands to encompass research and development-based innovations and also creativity-based ones. It is not only “Big C” radical innovations but also “little c” incremental innovations that are recognised in a wider context.
A new business model can serve as an example of system innovation. The business model consists of various elements, such as product, production process, financing and the marketing mix, etc. Each element of the business model, taken separately, may appear to be already well known but the composition and relations between the elements could be unique and able to provide a huge competitive advantage for a company.
Creativity enables an
to act under the circumstances and in ways which not only create a competitive advantage of the organisation, but also provide the foundation for innovation and business growth
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