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Hinduism in Life of Pi

No description

Hiba Pediyakkal

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Hinduism in Life of Pi

"Truth is one; sages call it by different names."
Authority of Vedas and Brahmans
"The One" and "Purusha"
Four purposes to human life:
Hinduism in Life of Pi
Gods and Deities
encompasses many different beliefs withing other religions and sects
Local and regional variations
Four major sects
Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta, Smarta
Hinduism at a Glance
oldest living religion
no single founder
being an "orthodox" hindu can be defined as following the teachings in the verdic texts
Supreme God
Cycle of birth
peace loving
10 avatars
most popular avatar of Vishnu
most often assosciated with hinduism
Lord of Success
Complexity of Hinduism
Pi's attraction to Hinduism
opened his heart to spirituality
sense of belonging
Pi's attraction to Hinduism
"I owe to Hinduism the original landscape of my religious imagination, those towns and rivers, battlefields and forests, holy mountains and deep seas where gods, saints, villains and ordinary people rub shoulders, and, in doing so, define who and why we are.(50)"
Different Religions
Why is it unusual to belong to three very different religious beliefs?
Different beliefs can contradict each other
People identify with the beliefs they grew up with
Hard to adapt to different beliefs/practices
What makes Pi unique
Prays to gods from different religions
Finds comfort in all religions
Has respect for all men of faith
Basic Hindu Beliefs
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