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Job Search with Social Networking

Using social networking sites like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to advance career search.

Kelly Bresin

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Job Search with Social Networking

Job Searching with Social Networking
Created By
Kelly Bresin
CTEP AmeriCorps
EAC, Minneapolis, MN
Employers and companies are using Social Networking sites to their advantage. Using them for recruiting as well as checking on applicants.
A good place to start
Google your name to see what others will find when doing a general search. Is there anything you wouldn't want employers to find?
The power of Social Media
Social Networking
The Important Statistics:
How will your online presence affect your job search?
2 Million company
Search for
135 Million Members and counting
Over 200
Search for
Job Openings
Some companies post open jobs on Facebook
Top reasons not to hire:
Make sure your profile is appropriate
Like Them and make positive comments
Find companies you'd like to work for
Use #Hashtags
Follow Twitter accounts that post current job listings.
i.e. EACNorthJobClub
Follow Companies that you might want to work for
The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.
Examples: #jobs
#Hashtags are a helpful tool that will aid you with your job search on Twitter
Social Recruiting
"People get jobs through other people, not computers. By having a personal connection to the company you’re applying for, your chances of getting a job multiply. If all you do is submit your resume blindly on job boards, you won’t have much luck." - Dan Schawbel
Dos and Don'ts
•Recruit more qualified candidates
•Increase the speed of the employee hiring process
•Reduce recruiting and staffing costs
•Solve turnover and retention issues
•Streamline communication with candidates and recruiters
Why are employers using Social Media?
1. DO Create an online presence:
Showcase your skills
Your profile can help you make connections

2. DO be consistent:
Make sure your profiles reflect your resume

3. DO set your privacy settings:
Use social media privacy settings to minimize the chances of a would-be employer seeing posts you'd rather not reveal.
1. Don't use inappropriate language:
Employers will be less likely to hire you

2. Don't connect with everyone:
Just because a person friends you doesn't mean you should accept

3. Don't tweet or update about everything:
Be careful, you don't know who might be reading
Once you type it, it's out there forever
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