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Input and Output

No description

Peter Caroline

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Input and Output

What Is Input?
is any data and instructions entered into the memory of a computer. Mouse, Keyboard, Stripe Card Reader, Scanner, etc.
is a series of related instructions organized for a common purpose, that tells a computer or mobile device what tasks to perform.
is an instruction that causes an app or a program to perform a specific action. Users issue commands by touching an area on a screen, pressing keys on the keyboard, speaking into a microphone, etc.
user response
is an instruction a user issues by responding to a message displayed by a program or app. For an example, If you're typing up an essay and the question says “Do you want to save the changes you've made to this file?” if you say yes, then your file will be saved, but if not, then your program will not save your changes.

Pointing Devices
is a small symbol on the screen whose location and shape change as a user moves a pointing device. Pointing devices can do things such as select text, graphics, etc.
Most devices use a keyboard or keyboarding devices
keyboard is an input device that contains keys you press to enter data and instructions into a device.
Group 1
Peter Caroline
Matthew Engberg
John Griffin

They have a typing area with function, toggle, and arrow keys.
The newer models have media and Internet control buttons
Some Keyboards have USB ports, fingerprint reader, or pointing device
typing area
includes letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and othe basic keys
Function Keys
are labelled with the letter F, followed by a number. They're programmed to issue a special command to a computer. Commands vary due to the program being used
Toggle Keys
are keys that switch from 2 states whenever pressed
Arrow keys
move the insertion point up, down, right, and left
Keyboard shortcuts
are combinations of keys that can be pressed to perform a task
Media control buttons
adjust media settings and operations
Types of Keyboards
standard keyboards have 101-105 keys
compact keyboards
are smaller and do not have a numeric keypad. Keys usually have multiple purposes, therefore having the same functionality of a standard keyboard.

has a design that reduces the risk of
(Repetitive Strain Injuries) and improves overall comfort.
Gaming Keyboards
are designed specifically for users who enjoy playing games on the computer. They have programmable keys and key back lighting so they are visible in different lighting conditions
numeric keypad
is a tool used to guide the pointing device in the way that the user wants. A mouse should fit under the palm of your hand comfortably. There are three different types of a mouse: Optical mouse, Laser mouse, and Touch mouse.
Optical mouse
uses optical sensors that emit and sense light to detect the mouse’s movement.
laser mouse
uses laser sensors that emit and sense light to detect mouse’s movement.
Touch mouse
is a touch sensitive mouse that recognizes gestures, in addition to detecting movement of the mouse and tradition click and scroll operations.
is a small, flat rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion, usually found on laptops or convertible tablets. Desktop users that want to use a Touchpad can buy an external wireless or wired touchpad to use with your PC. A touchpad recognizes the same gestures as a mouse would, but some recognize more gestures like swipe, pinch, and stretch motions.
Pointing Stick
pointing stick
is a pressure sensitive pointing device that is shaped like a pencil eraser that is placed between keys on a mobile computer’s (Laptop) keyboard. To move the pointer using the pointing stick, you must push down gently on the pointing stick with a finger, just like you would do with a touchpad, and the pointer should move. If you wanted to select something all you would have to do is press down on the pointing stick.
is a stationary pointing device with a ball on its top or side. Most trackballs are the size of a ping pong ball. To move the pointer you simply just move the trackball and it will move the pointer. Trackballs come with a mouse, so that you have a button to hit to select text or other things
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