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The History of Hairstyles


Oscar Tirado

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of The History of Hairstyles

1st Century BC
The History of Hairstyles
Men & women would have long shoulder-length hair that was often braided, Women would wear a traditional veil while men wore a turban or fez.
Both women and men hairstyles were divided among their tribes. While some had longer hair, others had shorter hair. They all represent different meanings among the tribes.
13th century-14th century
In the 14th century women parted their hair in the middle and into two braides which were arranged in front of the ear and then brought back to the crown of the head. They topped it off by wearing a crespine. Men wore their hair short and used hats.
1750's -1800's
"Ancient Hairstyle"
Women kept their hair pulled back into a chignon style and was grown much longer while men would have short or shaved hair and they would wear beards unless they were a soldier.
15th century-16th century
During this time men wore their hair short or shoulder lenght while women wore their hair long in curls tied to the back or in braids.
During this time women wore their hair mosly short in waves or curls. Men wore their hair short and well groomed.
During the 70's women and men let their hair grow out and wore it straight or naturally and added accessories like headbands. Other popular hairstyles were the shaggy look and the afro.
During the 1980's and 90's there was an excessive amount of mousse and hairspray used which led to big volumized hair, the duck-tail was also a common hairstyle.
Now a days most women prefer to have long or mid legnth hair and ususally style it down straight or wavy. Women use a variety of heat styling tools and hair products to style their hair. Most men keep their hair short and well groomed.
During this time women wore their hair in elaborate updos. Men wore their hair short combed to the back or split by the side or the middle.
During this time men and women wore long big wigs
At this time it was fashionable for women to wear their hair long and in locks. They usually left a pice of hair longer than the rest and put a ribbon on it. Men wore long or short hair.

"Ancient Hairstyle"
"Ancient Hairstyle"
"Ancient Hairstyle"
The East
"Ancient Hairsyles "
The Western World
1st Century BC

Ancient Roman and Greek women wore their long hair in ornate braids close to their heads, and use powdered gold to add highlights to their hair. While men hair appeared to have been worn medium length and unstyled hair.

"Ancient Hairstyle"
Most men in this period wore their hair down with a part in the middle and great, bushy beards! While a woman’s hairstyle in this period was very simple as she would wear her hair long, usually to her knees or longer, with two plaits running down both sides.
Men had long hair and full beards but this changed to them having short hair and clean-shaven faces. Most women would simply have their hair down although some women had more complex braided or well sytled hair. The more managed a ladys hair looked, the more wealthier she was.
Egyptian hairstyles depended on wealth, age, as well as social group. Both men and women would have shoulder-length hair or hair cut short to the nape or even clean shaven heads!
1. What did it mean if you had well managed hair?
By: Oscar Tirado, Evelyn Romo, and Erika Villanueva
How hair has changed over time (In a video!)
Complex and well managed hair showed a sign of being wealthy.
2. When did people style their hair in "ducktails"?
In the 80's!
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