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By Deepa and Erti

Deepa Mani

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Schizophrenia

Delusional Outlook on Reality
Schizophrenia is a severe brain disorder. It results in inability of the brain to differentiate what is real and what is fake. Some effects on the person is that since their brain can't differentiate between what's real and what's not, they may hear voices, believe people are reading their minds. They may also not make sense when they speak or sit for hours without moving or speaking.
Schizophrenia runs in families. The illness occurs to 1% of the general population, but if someone in your family has already had it, your chances of getting it go up to 10%.
It usually takes more than genes to develop schizophrenia. The environment that you live in also is a factor. Things such as viruses, malnutrition before birth and possibly even some psychosocial factors.
Different brain chemistry
Scientists believe that an imbalance in the cortex . Interrelated neurotransmitters, dopamine and glutamate also play roles in schizophrenia.
Symptoms of Schizophrenia
Positive Symptoms such as
Thought disorders
Movement disorders
Negative Symptoms such as
Flat effect which is the face doesn't move along with the body or a monotone voice
Lack of pleasure
Lack of ability to start activities
Speaking very little
Cognitive symptoms
Poor executive functioning
(the ability to understand information
and use it to make decisions)
Trouble focusing
Problems with working memory
Unfortunately, there are no cures for schizophrenia, but there are treatments for it. Some are
Antipsychotic medication
Psychosocial treatments
Illness management skills
Self help groups
Interesting Fact
In Winnie the Pooh, a popular belief is that each character has a mental disorder. The boy Christopher is thought to have schizophrenia and all other characters are just his imagination.
The first part of the brain that is affected is the Forebrain. This part of the brain is responsible for thinking, hunger, temperature regulation among other things. This is where thoughts are skewed for an individual suffering from Schizophrenia.
What parts are affected
Another part that is affected is the Limbic System. This is the portion of the brain that is responsible for regulating emotions, memories, learning and sexual behavior. When this part of the brain gets affected, the individual gets affective flattening, which is the loss of emotional reactions.
The final part of the brain that is affected is the hindbrain. This is the portion of the brain that is responsible for motor activity, balance, blood circulation and posture. When this part is affected, the individual will have blunted movement and inappropriate body language signals. They will also suffer from a decreased reaction to environmental cues.
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