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Introducing the Disadvantage

No description

Heather Woods

on 30 June 2016

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Transcript of Introducing the Disadvantage

Introducing the

Today we will...
begin to understand the DA and CP as key tools in a negative team's arsenal
learn the components of a DA and CP
demonstrate some examples of DA and CP
learn how to use the DA and CP in a debate round
Let's Start at the Beginning...
What is the job of the affirmative?
What is the job of the negative?
The Disadvantage
AKA the Disad, AKA the DA
& the
One important way to say "No" to the affirmative Case
Usually an "off-case" position
The plan/affirmative team causes something bad to happen that would not otherwise happen
i.e. there is a
to enacting the affirmative's proposal
Activity: The affirmative suggests a ban on all student technology in the classroom
With a partner, spend a few minutes making a list of disadvantages to the affirmative plan
Do these disadvantages outweigh the benefits of the plan?
The Key Parts of a Disadvantage



the reason the plan causes or "triggers"
the disadvantage
proves that the disadvantage is unique, i.e. it won't occur without plan passing
what happens as the end result of the DA, a reason to vote against the AFF
Now let's Apply These to Our Computer Example



The aff results in a ban of all student-used computer technology in the class
Right now, we are able to use computers/tablets in class for note-taking etc.
Student grades will drop
Internal link-I/L
additional, in-between steps between the link and the impact
Internal link-I/L
students will be unable to take sufficient notes
Some Common Examples of Disadvantages
Spending or the Economy Disadvantage
The Federalism Disadvantage
Global Warming Disadvantage
argues that the plan costs too much money, and will tank the economy OR it will trade off with another, very important program.
argues that the USFG encroaches on states rights, and that it is modeled, or copied in other nations. Because federalism "keeps the peace," the impact is civil war or conflict in other nations.
argues that the some part of the affirmative plan adversely affects the environment, leads to global warming and ultimately leads to resource wars, or even total planetary extinction
For the AFF: How to answer a disadvantage
No link-Plan doesn't cause the DA
No I/L-There's (a) step(s) missing between the link and the impact
No Impact, Case Outweighs, or Timeframe
Link turn-the affirmative prevents the impact (spending DA-Aff actually saves money)
Impact Turn-the impact is actually a good thing (economic decline is good)
AKA the CP
Another important way to say "No" to the affirmative Case
Another "off-case" position
Provides a (competitive) alternative to the affirmative's plan
Activity: The affirmative suggests that Chancellor Folt should close down campus in advance any time there is a forecast of snow
With a partner, come up with a few CPs or "alternatives" to this proposal. What are the advantages to your CP?
The Key Parts of a COUNTERPLAN



like the aff's plan, clear concise thesis that reveals the CP
DA that links to the plan that the CP avoids (cp and plan can't coexist)
proof that the plan is superior to the cp, and proof that it can work or "solve"
Some Common Examples of CPs
(The 50) States CP
Consult CP
Condition CP
the states should do the plan instead of the united states federal government; example of an agent cp
when the plan involves another (governmental entity), that governmental entity should be consulted
the plan should only be done on condition of something else
For the AFF: How to answer a counterplan
Find reasons why the CP is insufficient, or problematic
can the counterplan solve the problem?
does it take too long?
is there an unintended side-effect?
Argue that the plan and counterplan can coexist, i.e. no need to choose between the two (permutation)
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