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How Sleep, Stress, and an Unhealthy Diet Affect the Freshman

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Kay Clement

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of How Sleep, Stress, and an Unhealthy Diet Affect the Freshman

The Problem...
Factors to consider?
Meals, portion control, exercising, and grains.
Tips about the school cafeteria:
Salad bar, fruit and veggie line, and organics/vegetarian line.
Caloric deficit?
Weighing food, counting calories, and working out daily.
Portion Control
Limiting drinks:
2 for men, 1 for women.
Binge drinking.
Affects on the body:
Breaks down muscle tissue and causes a low metabolism.

Average: 7 hours.
Needs: Around 8-9 hours.
Affects on the body:
Leptin- released by fat cells causing hunger.
Ghrelin- released when the stomach is empty.
Leptin and Ghrelin work together negatively when sleep deprived causing hunger.
Emotional eating...
Causes: moving, new people, life alone, school, low self-esteem.
Emotional eating includes: eating without being hungry or feeding emotional void.
Puberty and stress...
Not fully developed until 25.
Body slows down around 18.
Low self-esteem...
Causes stress which usually results in eating.
Managing stress...
To do lists, schedules, mark dates on calendar, organize life.
The Next Steps in Life
Manage sleep, stress, and your diet.
Make the most out of every situation.
Work out to maintain health.
Processed Foods
How Sleep, Stress, and an Unhealthy Diet Affect the Freshman Fifteen
Dividing a plate:
9" plate into 4 sections.
Mindless eating:
Watching tv, being on the computer, or studying.
Eating when bored.
Salt, Sugar, and Fat:
Salt: blood spikes.
Sugar: energy spikes.
Fat: clogged arteries and heart problems.
All of them provide spikes of energy.
Brain becomes addicted from the spikes of energy.
Processed food is engineered to become more addictive.
Fruit and vegetable:
Natural energy.
Helps the immune system.
High metabolism.
What is the Freshman Fifteen?
Gaining 15 pounds within the first year of college.
How likely is it?
3-10lbs first semester.
What kind of lifestyle causes it?
Fast food, stress, lack of sleep, and partying.
My research
Types of Research:
Blogs (Most helpful)
Personal experience (Most helpful)
Hospital and nutrition websites
What did I enjoy about researching my topic?
Learning new things about health and fitness.
Learning new techniques to manage my proportioning.
Why are the questions important?
Health is very important in my life.
Obesity is a huge problem within America.
Many college students deal with weight problems.
What did I dislike?
(Hospital websites) Researching how the cells work within the body.
I like learning about health so it wasn't much of a problem.
Research in the future?
Searching for and trying techniques myself.
Talking with trainers in the gym.
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