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Faulty Reasoning

TEKS 6.11(b) - giving students practice in identifying faulty reasoning

Andrea Schneider

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Faulty Reasoning

Faulty Reasoning
Faulty reasoning or logical?

Fossils of sea animals were found in rocks from mountains far from water. Sea animals used to live on land.

I watched my dog eat dog food for 2 weeks. I never saw him eat anything else. Therefore, dogs only eat dog food.

Faulty Reasoning Techniques
Bandwagon Appeal - everyone's doing it, you should too

Testimonial - someone well-known supports it so you should too

Red Herring - distract the audience with something unrelated

False Authority - someone in authority is associated with it, but there is little or no evidence
True? Or faulty reasoning?
True? Or Faulty Reasoning?
True? Or faulty reasoning?
"We found a witch!"

Or did we?
What was the argument?

How is it illogical?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
What technique?
What technique?
What technique?
Bandwagon? Red Herring? False Authority? Testimonial?
What technique?
What technique?
Bandwagon? False authority? Testimonial? Red herring?
What technique?
What technique?
Don't forget emotional appeal!
Scare tactics - I'm going to make you afraid of NOT doing/getting this!
Exaggeration - This is WAY better/worse than it really is
Sentimental appeal - You know you're saying "awww" (get in touch with those love/pity/nostalgic feelings)
Contradiction - emphasizing opposites
Misleading statements - we're only telling you the good things, or just give you the wrong idea.
What technique?
What technique?
What technique?
Misleading - Verizon also claims to be the fastest. Where's the proof?
What technique?
What technique?
Well that escalated quickly...
Be skeptical about what you see, read, and hear.

WATCH OUT for faulty reasoning.
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