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No description

Kelly Oakley

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Utopia

What to expect...
In this unit, we will be exploring the concept of UTOPIA and society's changing definition of the ideal represented in literature, the arts, history, society, and our own lives.
Take a few minutes to record your

of UTOPIA on your paper.

turn and share
your knowledge of the word UTOPIA with your partner.
....So what is it?

1. an
remote place

2. a place of
ideal perfection
especially in laws, government, and social conditions

3. an
impractical scheme
for social improvement
Let's Discuss!
1. What words come to mind when you think about utopia?

2. What are some examples of how this concept appears in the world?

3. What examples of utopia have been shown through art, literature, movies, and other art forms?

Let's Discuss!
4. What kinds of things or places might be considered utopian?

5. How do words associated with utopia--such as
, or

--relate to the concept of perfection?
The Concept of Utopia OVER TIME....
1. What changes may have taken place over time in the definition of utopia?
2. What aspects of the concept of utopia would be likely to differ or change, depending on the time and place of the people envisioning it?
3. What aspects of the concept of utopia would be likely to stay the same, no matter when or when it was envisioned?
4. How are the aspects that are likely to differ or change different from those that are likely to be the same?

An Introduction
is the opposite of UTOPIA...
a list of things that are
examples of
DYSTOPIAN Discussion
1. In what ways do your non-examples of utopia differ from your examples?

2. What prevents your examples from being utopian? Are they non-examples of utopia because of characteristics they have, because characteristics they lack or both?

3. How do dystopias form?
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