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Budaya Perusahaan

No description

Kevin Pratama

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Budaya Perusahaan

U k u r a n U s i a Ratio Keluar Masuknya Pegawai Kuatnya Budaya Asal Kejelasan Dan Keyakinan Kejelasan Dan Keyakinan C O M P A N Y How To learn a Culture Symbolic Events Language Scheme of Culture on Organization Philosophy Founder of Organization Criteria of Employee Recruitment Top of Management Socialization Culture of Organization Company Profile PT. Bharata Millenium Pratama
built sincese 22 September 1999 and already had role of institutions that support as money changer, especially in domestic foreign exchange market.

Vision : built company business that supported with good Quality of Human Resources

Mission : Join on Foreign Exchange Market that guaranteed legally and built regime anti money laundring effectively,doing activity in order to increase quality of company finance and Human Resources Performance. we provide delivery service for simplify all transaction of customers. Address : JL Kebon Sirih 17-19, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Menara Kebon Sirih10340 JAKARTA. No. Telp : 021-39836641 Culture In PT. BMP Discipline Teamwork (Between Employee from other branch and Employee with Manager) Services and Togetherness (Doing family gathering) KINDS of PROBLEM all of People already had their own habit that different with the others, so that will affect in this Company to keep the Culture of Organization. CULTURE THAT DIFFERENTIATE WITH OTHER COMPANY Employee from one branch of company to another must have a coordination dan communicate with others, because this company move in Money Changer, so if the money is miss calculate in one branch. so it must check in other branch. And on this Company, Employee must be on Time for work and Honest, they have their own responsibility for the money. The Important of Culture For PT. Kevin : “is there any spcia;l Culture on this Company, Sir??”

Sir Balady : “Work Culture that must be have from Company Employee is Disicpline. Their movement and communication must be solid from one to another branch, so that will reduce the miss calculate of Money that we manage in this Company. Conclusion on The Organization Culture is set of value, principe, tradition and how to work that donated and affect behaviour all of members of Organization which is from various thing STORY Symbol Factors that affect Culture Age Size Ratio of Employee Recruitment Culture Origin Clarity and Confidence
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