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Edwin`s Adventure

No description

John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Edwin`s Adventure

Edwin`s adventure
Cool trip
It was the year 2025 I was living on mars.And a rumor that New york had a apartment that was so huge that it could reach Pluto in space that it had so many rooms that it even had space for billions of people and thousands of restaurants in
Why did I Migrate to New York ?
The route I took to my new home is the space route. The plan was to land my space rocket on top of the whole building. But I ran out of rocket fuel but some friendly space creature give me some new rocket fuel
which made me really fast. And got me to the top
of the gigantic building.
The route I took ?
On earth entrance it was built in New York but the other entrance was on Pluto. It took 3 hours to get to the right apartment. But it was totally worth it after 3 whole hours and I had a great view of the whole earth and some of the universe.
Where in U.S. did I go ?
When I got their I had a home welcome party which I had fun doing it. I invited so many people that I almost had a quarter of all the people in the world. And I had so much fun in my new, cool, awesome, house.
What did I do when I got their ?
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