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Munkherdene Battur

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of CONTENTS

Our Vision
Company Activities
Our Advantages
Partner Companies

Our vision is to strengthen our leading position in the medical area by setting up skillful and well experience professional team and improve livelihood of the population through the supply of safe and high quality health products, medical equipment and devices nationwide and abroad.

Mongol Emimpex Concern's (MEIC LLC) journey began in 1923 by the Decree of People's Revolutionary Government as a First State-owned Pharmacy.

Over the year we have grown from a simple pharmacy to MEIC LLC - the state drug procurement and distribution organization with national network of pharmacies, warehouses, own pharmaceutical plant and branch offices throughout Mongolia.

After the transition from the centralized economy to the free market economy system, MEIC became largely responsible for the continuous and reliable supply of essential medicines, medical devices and equipment to the governmental organizations, NGO's, state sponsored health initiatives with the arrival of the market competitors.
The First Pharmacy in Mongolia
Almost every current pharmaceutical company in Mongolia dates back its root from MEIC.

Mongolian drug import and export. During its history MEIC was also responsible for the export of Mongolian traditional remedies to other members of socialist block.

Mongol Emimpex Concern LLC
MEIC Today
Today MEIC is recognized as a leading pharmaceutical company in Mongolia in the supply of high quality, effective, safe medicine and friendly services to our customers.

Since 2007 New Management team arrived and it is committed to continue and improve MEIC's long-lasting tradition, reputation and good name of reliability, social responsibility and high quality. Together with the modern management and sound marketing, MEIC strives to retain and enhance its position in the market as a leading pharmaceutical supplier in Mongolia.
Cardiovascular system
Gynecology and Obstetrics

Core Activities
Supply of essential and non-essential medicines and drugs to the hospitals and clinics through state and local tenders
Supply urban and rural population with safe, reliable and high quality medical devices and tools
Manufacture and distribute its own products through the chain of 80 pharmacies nationwide and wholesale centers and other suppliers.
Pharm Market Project
Pharm Market Project has launched in 2007. Currently we have 11 pharm Markets in Ulaanbatar city.
Serves 1’610 customers daily, 49’910 customers monthly

Presence in 21 provinces
Serves 1’890 customers daily, 85’590 costumers monthly

Presence in Nationwide
Exhibition 2012, 2013, 2014

Our Advantage
94 years of experience
Presence in 21 provinces across Mongolia
Modern warehouse facilities and logistics for drug storage and transportation all over the country
Long track of strong collaboration with various international NGO's and government organizations
Solid infrastructural base for the systematic supply of medicaments and medical devices
Experienced and professional management team
Increasing number of permanent customers and clients
Partner companies
Awards and acknowledgment
Mongolian drug import and export. During its history MEIC was also responsible for the export of Mongolian traditional remedies to other members of socialist block.

Due to MEIC's infrastructure and market penetration and gate-crush, UN organizations such as the UNFPA, WHO, UNICEF, Global Fund and various other international humanitarian organizations including NGO's collaborate with MEIC in the distribution of medical and health care products
Since 1993 the UNFPA is implementing the distribution of charity health products and supplies to urban and rural populations within the framework of Reproductive Health Program
Distribution of pharmaceuticals for preventative health supplied by UNICEF to all aimags, soums and baghs in the scope of the collaboration with MEIC.
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