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Pope Kyrillos VI

No description

andrew abdelmalek

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Pope Kyrillos VI

The Pope 116th of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark Pope Kyrillos VI Childhood Papacy •He was born in Damanhour, Egypt in 1902
•His name was Azer Youssef
•He always went to the liturgy early in the morning
•He loved monks and their lives
•He loved St. Mina
•Worked for the government in Egypt
•He used to go to pray in the church before going to work
•He shared his own food with the poor
•He took his parents’ permission and went to the monastery to be a monk in July 1927
Adulthood •He went to the Baramous Monastery
•He became a disciple of Abouna AbdelMessih El masoody
•Was known to be obedient and was a man of prayer
•He was ordained a priest and they gave him the name of his favorite saint and Azer Youssef became Abouna Mina
Monastic life •He loved the life of solitude where he can focus on God and prayers
•He lived in a cave that was a few kilometers away from the monastery and used to visit the monastery every week
•He moved to a windmill that was in Cairo and stayed there for a long time
•He forgave two thieves who tried stealing what he had in the windmill
•He used to pray tasbeha every night and celebrate a liturgy everyday in the morning
•He performed many miracles for those who visited him
Monastic Life •He was chosen to be the new pope and was ordained a patriarch on May 10, 1959
•He ordained Abouna Antonious El soryany a bishop of Christian education who later became Pope Shenouda III
•He built the monastery of St. Mina in Maryoot, Egypt
•He brought back the relicse of St. Mark from Italy to Egypt
•He passed away in March 9, 1971
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