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The teaching of reading is the foundation for a successful e

No description

Molly Allen

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of The teaching of reading is the foundation for a successful e

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Reading every day
Little and often...
Expectations continued...
Library visits - at least once per week. Year 2 - monitors for library to keep tidy
Tick lists - as English Lead I am not looking for tick lists - some books missing, children don't need to read every book in the level, move them on when appropriate. If you want to keep lists of books to help yourselves/job share that's fine
Enriching experiences for children - hot seating, conscience alley, teacher in role, drama.
Every child to get their reading book out at the beginning of every day and put on their table - please make me aware of any children who are not bringing their reading book every day
Reading 4 days - common exception words/ high frequency the other times
Please, please, PLEASE.... keep reading books in correct category. Children will need training on how to change books in Year 2 if they are to change them
KS1 leave variety of books/websites/ media for TAs/Middays to read with children at the end of lunch
Phonic trackers, along with reading and writing will need updating ASAP so that we can see children's starting points. I will get new tests to everyone today.
Thank you for listening!
Read, read, read

The teaching of reading is the foundation for a successful education for our children.
Year 2
Year 2 - double a consonant after short vowel - do they know what a vowel is? A consonant? Can they identify the vowel before final consonant - sorting activities. New symbols
Not the whole book - making it manageable - reading pairs
Meaningful comments, well done on its own is not sufficient - Link to Big Reading Criteria
Moderation - do not do the work for the children
Guided reading - decoding is one aspect, SVOR. Inference, predictions. Think of the text - if you are wanting them to infer meaning a phonetically decodable book is often not of good enough quality
Whole class reading - lots of journals to say this is very powerful. Just because children can't decode, it doesn't mean they can't infer/ comprehend. Consider groupings of guided groups.
Recap of typical phonic lesson...
See new sound (there it is)
Write the sound and hear it
MTYT (differentiation and real opportunity to vocabulary build)
Be the teacher
Spell the words
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